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09.11.2015 | Katharina Braun

langweiledichnet1. First of all the facts: What´s your name, what´s the name of your blog and what is it about?

I am Maik Zehrfeld and I am hosting the blog, which is about entertainment, inspiration and lifestyle. Besides I am the co-founder and blogger of seriesly AWESOME (, where we are reporting subjectively on the world of series and television. Not just about any series, but about cult series which deserve it.


2. Why did you found it?

In 2006 I got in deeper touch with the blogosphere for the first time through an internship. My former roommate and I then decided to start out of boredom. Just as a placement area for personal stories and online findings for friends and those people, who want to become friends. As a result of this, a kind of lifestyle magazine developed over the years. Seriesly AWESOME has been founded out of the need to interchange oneself with like-minded.

3. What features your blog, what differs it from others?

Most notably our selection of content. I am just trying to find the best in the web and prepare this in a suitable way. This can be a short video with an introduction, the introduction of a photographer portfolio or the detailed recension of a music album. Everything is being filtered by my personal taste and my subjective opinion. In the end quality, humor and especially the extinction of boredom are the main goal. At we are not only publishing all news out of the world of series but are also devoting ourselves to cult series and all the things that are attached to it. Artworks to series, fan-made things and videos, etc. On top of that there are recensions of stabile opinions and comments, which are not just re-narrating the storyline of a series, but rather criticizing it.

4. How much time are you investing in your blog per week?

Well, this is varying… With both blogs certainly about 50 hours, I would say.

5. What´s your favorite blogger tool?

My own creativity.

6. How many clicks do you receive approximately per day and how do you build up range?

It is varying enormously per day (depending on weekday and general situation). We have around 700.000 visits at in a month, at seriesly AWESOME we now reached 80.000. The range comes with steady activity and quality, on top of that of course through social media and some ad campaigns.

7. How do you earn your money?

Mainly with advertorials for advertising clients. I depicted that topic in Business Punk a while ago:

8. When is a cooperation with commercial providers interesting for your blog?

It needs to be a match for everyone – and I am not only talking about the clients and the bloggers, but first and foremost the readers. Such content needs to be appropriate to the blog itself and me as a person. For instance dog food for a series blog would be dumb – unless it is Lassie.

9. Which blogs do you prefer to read yourself?

Many. I don´t want to choose. Just check out my blogroll:

10. The most important advice for a company which wants to build up blogger relations?

First of all make sure it makes sense for the blogger to work with you and think about what you have to offer as a reward. For this it is important to talk in a collegially and reasonably manner (as you can see here: and in the end to create content, that everybody can be proud of and which can be gladly spread.


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