Blogger interview- 10 questions to “Lori from Saving Wild“
20.01.2016 | Katharina Braun

lori-robinson-e13401404323291. First of all the facts: What´s your name, what´s the name of your blog and what is it about?

I’m Lori Robinson and my brand and blog (and forthcoming book) is SavingWild. The name says it all. The blog is for people who care about saving wildlife and wild places.

2. Why did you found it?

Like so many other people across the world, I am alarmed and saddened about the loss of wildness, and the fact that for the first time ever humans are the cause of what scientists are calling the Sixth Extinction. I wanted a place to connect and inspire others who are passionate about these issues.

3. What features your blog, what differs it from others?

There are no other blogs like this that I have found anyway. If you know of any I would love to connect to them.  Saving Wild is full of inspiriing interviews and book reviews and stories from the world’s best conservationists. People like Jane Goodall who is a mentor to so many people. is a place for inspiration, and an antidote for ecological despair.


4. How much time are you investing each week in your blog?

It varies. I only post when I’m inspired as I don’t believe in posting content unless I have something to share with my readers. I will read an amazing book about wildlife and write a review, or spend time with a conservationist whose work I will highlight. On average there is a new post 3-4 times a month. I respect that everyone’s time is limited and there is the real problem of internet information overwhelm. So, I try to be relevant and don’t believe in posting content just to make sure I am in my readers face at all times.

5. What´s your favourite tool?

Word Press makes blogging so easy and streamlined. They have most of the tools (plugins) needed to make anyone’s blog look good, function well and accomplish what the blogger is trying to achieve.

 6. How many clicks are you approximately receiving per day and how do you establish range?

My visits change with how active I am on my site. When I put up a new post I can get thousands of visits. When I’m active on social media (Face Book mostly and Twitter sometimes) that brings in lots of viewers to Saving Wild. But if I do nothing I get hundreds of visits in a day. It took a while to build up to that, to make my blog known to search engines and to have enough content that people are looking for each day. Time on task and consistency are key to generating views. And then having a visitor like your site enough to subscribe, well that’s the cherry on top.

7. How do you earn your money?

My blog is built on my passion for saving wildlife and wild places, and I never planned for it to make money for me. I do however provide links to buy the books I review and will also sell my forthcoming book on my site.

8. When is a cooperation with commercial providers exciting for your blog?

I have done affiliated marketing before but don’t love it unless I really believe in the product. I never want to feel like I am pushing something on my tribe of followers just to make a few dollars. I do love cooperating with other people and blogs who share a passion for animals and nature. That I love. I often guest post for other blogs and other bloggers ask me to share their content. I love collaborating. It is an important part of being a successful blogger. You can’t live in a vacuum on the internet.

9. Which blogs do you prefer to read yourself?

I have an idea to do a post on the best wildlife blogs out there (my favorites) but could not find that many. I do follow the blogs of wildlife NGO’s that I think are doing effective work like Defenders of Wildlife. I pay attention to blogs in the green world, wildlife news, and animal activists space. I also write for Africa Geographic blog and magazine and am a huge fan.

10.  The most important advice for a company, which aims at building Blogger-Relations?

The best tip that I have heard over and over from all the successful bloggers I have talked to, worked with and learned from is this:

Give more than you ask for.

People are most interested in what someone- a company, a blog- can do for them.

You have to give things for free- advice, ebooks, information, help- in order to create devoted followers. Only after you build the relationship can you can make an ask.






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