February 10, 2016

Blogger interview – 8 Questions to Amandine from Les Berlinettes

LesBerlinettes1. First of all the facts: What´s your name, what´s the name of your blog and what is it about?

My name is Amandine and my blog is called Les Berlinettes. Les Berlinettes is a lifestyle blog. I am sharing everything, which I am interested in: fashion, travelling, events etc.

2. Why did you found it?

Primarily I found it in order to keep contact with my friends in France.

3. What features your blog, what differs it from others?

Many blogs mainly focus on one topic or niche: lifestyle, travelling or fashion. I am writing about all themes, which are important for me and out of my own perspective and experience. In the end everyone is interested in more than one thing.


4. How much time are you investing in your blog per week?

I am blogging full time, which is 24 hours per day. There is always something to do; doing pictures, looking up themes, maintaining contacts, replying emails etc.

5. What´s your favorite blogger tool?

Apart from my blog I like to use Instagram since I am a very visually person.

6. When is a cooperation with commercial suppliers interesting for your blog?

When the product is interesting and cooperation with other bloggers differ. Also if I can be creative.

7. Which blogs do you prefer to read yourself?

Tuula, Marianna Hewitt, Clémence Allaire

8. The most important advice for a company which wants to build up blogger relations?

I think a lot of requests are not very personal. The blog should fit to the brand. It is important for brands, companies and pr agencies to look up the blogger they want to work with.

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