glispa - glispa


Glispa Global Group is a mobile ad tech pioneer empowering clients to activate global audiences and move markets.
Gymondo - Gymondo


GYMONDO is Germany’s leading online training platform.
Econyl - ECONYL®


Aquafil ensures clean oceans with their brand ECONYL®. From nylon in old carpets, textile waste or fishing nets, the ECONYL® regeneration system creates a high quality yarn, by transforming polyamide 6 recyclables into primary raw materials for industrial production.
Wire - Wire


Simple, secure, private – Wire ist the modern way of communication.
ProvenExpert1 - ProvenExpert

ProvenExpert enables service providers, self-employed people and companies to get feedback from their customers and present their entire customer reviews from all portals in one review seal.
neofonie - neofonie


Neofonie designs and develops individual software and business solutions for web, mobile and IT.
Tellja - Tellja


Tellja is Germany's leading full service provider for digital referral marketing.
Neonail - NeoNail


NeoNail is an international leading company that is providing a large range of UV nail polish and nail care products.
Kinderwunschtage - Kinderwunsch Tage

Kinderwunsch Tage

Being the first public fair in Germany for alternative ways to start a family, Kinderwunsch Tage provides information, support and the opportunity to connect with other people who are facing similar problems.
tickaroo 300x194 - Tickaroo


Tickaroo is a personal live ticker app for local sports events of all kinds.
vegetarische Metzger - Der Vegetarische Metzger

Der Vegetarische Metzger

The Vegetarian Butcher offers high-quality meat substitutes for vegans, vegetarians and those who want to reduce their meat consumption without missing the taste of meat.
WhiteWall - WhiteWall


WhiteWall, the photographer’s lab, brings personal photos in gallery-quality into people’s homes.
wired - WIRED Germany

WIRED Germany

Founded 1993 in San Francisco and bought by Condé Nast in 1998, WIRED is one of the world's most influential and best known media brands with cult status in the digital and innovation scene.
sofatutor 300x194 - sofatutor


The online tutoring platform offers on its website a diverse range of learning content, for first graders to university students, and features by now over 45,000 users in German-speaking countries.
modomoto 300x194 - Modomoto


With its personal shopping service Modomoto offers a simple and convenient solution for all men, who do not enjoy going shopping.
madvertise 300x194 - madvertise


madvertise is one of the largest and fastest growing companies for mobile advertising in Europe.
Codecheck - Codecheck


With consumers can check via website or app the ingredients of more than 23 million products and get healthy and qualitative alternatives at once.
Xucker - Xucker


XUCKER – a combination oft he words xylit and Zucker (German for sugar) – offers a healthy and tasty alternative to normal white sugar.
MyPostcard - MyPostcard


MyPostcard is a postcard app with which users can easily send their own photos via smartphone or tablet to any destination in the world as high-quality, individual and real postcards.
mineko - Mineko


MINEKO stands for "Mietnebenkosten“ (English: utility costs). It is a quality service to verify the utility bill by experts.
FlyKly - FlyKly


FlyKly's vision is to beautify the city with eco-friendly means of transportation.
tresorit - tresorit


Tresorit is a safe service for sharing and saving data in a cloud.
Mycleaner - MyCleaner


MyCleaner is a mobile and ecofriendly on-site car cleaning business, completely working without the use of water.
BIG - BIG Social Media

BIG Social Media

BIG Social Media GmbH is the leading service provider of social media monitoring and social media software solutions in Germany equipped with years of experience on national and international markets.
Mailjet - Mailjet


Mailjet a powerful all-in-one e-mail service provider for marketing and transaction mailings.
powunity - PowUnity


NeverLose by PowUnity guarantees carefree skiing fun via theft protection and equipment detector.
smartflower - smartflower POP

smartflower POP

smartflower POP is the world’s first All-in-One Solar System
moovin - Moovin


moovin is a nationwide available digital renting service for real estate.
Unbenannt - Gameloft


As a leading publisher for digital and social games, Gameloft® became one of the largest innovators in the game industry.
perfekt schlafen1 - perfekt schlafen

perfekt schlafen

perfekt schlafen is the well rested address for all products that help you get a good sleep. The mission of the online shop for high-quality bedding is to bring calm nights into Germany's bedrooms.
Deliveroo - Deliveroo


Deliveroo, the premium delivery service, offers culinary food out of chosen restaurants in approximately 32 minutes.
Kingii - Kingii


The Kingii vision is to revolutionize safety in the water and to create a new standard in water sport security.
binauric logo - binauric


With the wireless Speaker Boom Boom binauric SE pursues the vision to start a revolution in the audio segment.
auctionet - Auctionet

Auctionet collects the best offers of local auction houses on one central online platform and makes them available for an international audience of buyers.
Terra Elements - Terra Elements

Terra Elements

Terra Elements has set itself the goal to make superfoods, raw foods and dietary supplements easily accessible, in the highest quality possible.
TU - Innovations made in Berlin - Centre for Entrepreneurship, TU Berlin

Innovations made in Berlin – Centre for Entrepreneurship, TU Berlin

The main focus of the Centre of Entrepreneurship (CfE) is to strengthen the start-up eco-system of University of Technology Berlin and develop the technical and systematical potential for startups.
BSC - Berlin Startup Consulting

Berlin Startup Consulting

Berlin Startup Consulting is the first point of contact for tech startups which are looking for qualified consultancy, services for establishing their enterprise, international expansion and market entry in Germany and the US.
pc - premium consultants

premium consultants

premium consultants is a recruitment agency for the digital economy, with personal passion, a trustworthy network, and fundamental knowledge. Considering this background they are able to find the perfectly suitable candidate concerning individual demands for each company.
Kreutzbergs - Kreutzbergs


Kreutzbergs Regenerativum is a completely new and innovative beverage concept and is defined as a Vitalizer.
Brain Day - Brain Day Berlin

Brain Day Berlin

The first Public Brain Day brought hands-on Neuroscience to Berlin
Suite.030 300x194 - Suite.030


SUITE.030 offers stylish high-class apartments combined with first-class service to sophisticated Berlin visitors.
Bleywaren - Bleywaren


Bleywaren is the official online shop of the company Bley. Customers find a great variety of housewares for their cooking, eating and living areas.
adspert1 300x194 - Adspert


Adspert is a web-based Bid management tool, which enables companies of any size, without out demanding previous knowledge or installation, to optimize all Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct campaigns full-automatically, and thus grants them highly profitable online advertisement.
Kinematics - Kinematics / TinkerBots

Kinematics / TinkerBots

The modular robotic building set TinkerBots offers small kids the opportunity to build their own moveable, interactive robots – without the need of instruction manuals.
mmm1 300x194 - meine möbelmanufaktur

meine möbelmanufaktur

At meine möbelmanufaktur (“my furniture manufacturer”) every client becomes the designer of his or her own furniture.
Regiondo 300x194 - Regiondo


Regiondo is Germany’s biggest lifestyle online market space. The platform combines over 7.000 offers for leisure time activities from regional providers throughout the whole country.
pepperbill1 300x194 - pepperbill


pepperbill is a complete mobile cash desk system for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
Panono - Panono - Panoramic Ball Camera

Panono – Panoramic Ball Camera

Panono GmbH develops and produces the world’s first throwable panoramic camera, thus starting a whole new chapter in digital photography.
DocJones 300x194 - DocJones


DocJones is Germany‘s largest health platform for phytotherapy
The Color Run 300x194 - THE COLOR RUN™ Germany


THE COLOR RUNTM, also known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality.
StartupBus Africa - StartupBus Africa

StartupBus Africa

StartupBus is an honorary lead initiative from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs with its headquarters in Berlin and San Francisco.
everdry1 300x194 - Everdry


Everdry products are highly effective antiperspirants which not only grant people protection in stressful situations as well as at high temperatures yet also serves as a solution to excessive perspiration caused by illness (Hyperhidrosis).  300x194 - provides daily vouchers and discounts from more than 1000 online retailers on their platform.
ActNow 300x194 - ActNow


The initiative 1-Million-tons-CO2 was brought into being by the Berliner Startup ActNow.
Scarosso 300x194 - Scarosso


Scarosso ( is a young fashion label that provides highest quality shoes made in perfection for affordable prices even outside Italy.
New trends and old traditions are combined to classics of timeless elegance. Accessories like belts, shoelaces or socks are an inherent part of the assortment and complement the classic line of the house. Furthermore,  at... Mehr
Lebepur 300x194 - Lebepur


Lebepur is an online shop which provides make-it-yourself smoothies.
Klares Licht 300x194 - Klares Licht

Klares Licht

Klares Licht is an information and enlightenment platform around the topic of LED.
Young Internet 300x194 - Young Internet

Young Internet

The Young Internet GmbH (now: goodbeans) was founded in 2007 and is Europe’s leading host for child-friendly Internet offers.