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Kinderwunsch Tage

Being the first public fair in Germany for alternative ways to start a family, Kinderwunsch Tage provides information, support and the opportunity to connect with other people who are facing similar problems.

Kinderwunsch Tage – From wish to child

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Kinderwunsch Tage


Our goal is to draw the target audience’s attention to the event with continuous PR. Therefore, we want to inform and raise awareness of (unfulfilled) desire to have children through health, legal and advice issues. Additionally, the organizers and partners of the event shall be established as fertility experts through interviews and professionals’ articles.


Starting a family is not only an intimate topic, but also very controversial. Many people are critical of aspects like vitro fertilization and surrogacy. Besides, legal regulations are quite complicated in Germany compared to other countries. There is therefore a strong need for information and Kinderwunsch Tage can establish itself as an expert in this field.


More than 14 print and online media outlets have already reported about Kinderwunsch Tage. We have also generated topic-based reports and cooperations among others, with Männer („Men“), Baby & Junior, and Müttermagazin („Mothers’ Magazine“)

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Time Frame

October 2016 – February 2017