Neonail - NeoNail


NeoNail is an international leading company that is providing a large range of UV nail polish and nail care products.

NeoNail – Modern. Feminine. Innovative.

Industry: Beauty


With the help of social media (Facebook and Instagram) NeoNail is going to be positioned and established in Germany as a brand for innovative and feminine nail care. The target group is: designers of nail art, owners of professional beauty salons, and amateurs in the field of nail art. The focus is set in social media on photos, short videos, entertainment, inspiration and information. For this purpose creating outreach and community as well as establishing hashtags within both platforms is the main focus. Moreover it is important to reinforce the cooperation with influencer.


To set apart NeoNail from his competitors and to push their products, NeoNail’s social media sites have to provide appealing and varied content for their users, as well as transmitting the special application through community management.

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Since October 2016 we could increase the number of “Likes” for the Facebook fan page by 235%. Moreover we could raise the number of Instagram followers by 380%. Thereby we could increase the outreach of single posts on Facebook and the interaction with users on both platforms as well. Furthermore we accompanied the company to the BEAUTY FORUM (trade fair) in Munich.

Time Frame

since October 2016

Status as of November 2016