• miriam rupp - Miriam Rupp

    Miriam Rupp

    Founder | CEO | PR and Storytelling Expert | Autodidact
    MY ADVENTURES Having grown up in Hohenschönhausen, Zehlendorf, Oranienburg and Moabit, I have already made a small trip around the...
  • nora feist - Nora Feist

    Nora Feist

    CEO | Communications Expert | Mompreneur | Head of Headlines | Synaesthete
    MY ADVENTURES Childhood in Berlin, advertising training, wanderlust from Mexico to Singapore, university and studies of journalism and communication, author...
  • Inga - Inga Mücke

    Inga Mücke

    Senior Consultant PR & Marketing | Free Thinker | Word Acrobat
    MY ADVENTURES Moin, moin. From Elbe to Spree, born and raised in the peaceful Elbtalaue in Brandenburg and then directly...
  • Steffi - Stefanie Möser

    Stefanie Möser

    Senior Consultant PR & Storytelling | City Neurotic | Music Junkie | Versatile
    MY ADVENTURES As neurotic Berliner, with an addiction to nested sentences, I graduated in linguistics, wrote articles for Berliner Zeitung,...
  • Katharina Braun - Katharina Braun

    Katharina Braun

    Senior Consultant PR, Content, Influencers | Infokid | Berlin Brat | Project Acrobat
    MY ADVENTURES Raised in Kreuzberg as a circus girl with ambitions to become a veterinarian, during the training to become...
  • Mira Tokic1 - Mira Tokic

    Mira Tokic

    Senior Consultant PR & Storytelling | Communications Talent | Storyteller
    MY ADVENTURES Raised in Croatia and in the beautiful countryside of Westfalen, I decided to study political science in Münster...
  • Marina v1 - Marina Holthaus

    Marina Holthaus

    Consultant PR & Visual Storytelling | TV-magazine expert | kid from the “Pott” | parttime fashionista
    MY ADVENTURES After taking the wrong train to destination business administration, I got out of the train at the next...
  • ciani - Ciani-Sophia Hoeder

    Ciani-Sophia Hoeder

    Consultant PR & Content Marketing I Autodidact I Bibliomania I Vegan
    MY ADVENTURES From Berlin to Florida and back again, I had to sweep the sand off my feet and start...
  • carolin2 - Carolin Behrens

    Carolin Behrens

    Consultant PR & Storytelling│Rural Cosmopolitan│Language Talent│Queen of Soft Skills
    MY ADVENTURES Born as a country child, I soon escaped to more unconventional territories. I studied Intercultural European Studies focusing...
  • tommy - Tommy Dobs

    Tommy Dobs

    Consultant PR & Visual Storytelling│Video-Phile│Soccer Crack│Wordplay Genius
    MY ADVENTURES Every chapter meant a new step. Born in Lichtenberg, grew up near Berlin and studied in Cottbus. Whether at...
  • Theresa Webseite - Theresa Zajic

    Theresa Zajic

    Junior Consultant PR & Visual Storytelling l Sushi Junkie l Real Berliner l Multitasking Talent
    MY ADVENTURES After finishing school I immediately started studying Applied Media Economics with focus on TV production and journalism. During...
  • Manja final - Manja Rehfeld

    Manja Rehfeld

    Trainee PR & Storytelling | U.S. Foreign Ambassador| Smart Phone Junkie
    MY ADVENTURES Born and raised in Berlin between prefabricated buildings and playgrounds, I knew early on what I wanted to...
  • Jaqueline Herr v2 - Jaqueline Herr

    Jaqueline Herr

    Trainee PR & Storytelling | Small Town Girl | Hedonist | Makeup Geek
    MY ADVENTURES Starting as a small-town-kid, I wanted to discover the whole world. For my studies I moved to the...
  • Louisa - Louisa Beneker

    Louisa Beneker

    Trainee PR & Storytelling | Organisational Talent | Primaballerina
    MY ADVENTURES Born in Berlin and growing up in the nature around, I stepped on the stage of the PR...
  • Merle Kogel

    MY ADVENTURES During my law studies I realized that the writing of legal opinions becomes monotonous in the long run....
  • tineke2 - Tineke Geisker

    Tineke Geisker

    Senior PR Consultant and Business Development | Nordish by Nature | Organizational Talent | Optimist
    After graduating the challenging Mashup academy, Tineke took off as a consultant. With open arms, ears and eyes, off the...
  • julia beyer pl - Julia Beyer

    Julia Beyer

    Senior PR and Social Media Consultant | Real Berlin Maedchen | Anglophile | Explain Lorraine
    From playful to serious, slogan to novel, twittered to shared – communication is Julia’s thing – preferably combined creatively and...
  • Sara PL2 - Sara Frenz

    Sara Frenz

    Senior PR Consultant│Original Berliner│Fashion Victim│Movie Fan
    Always looking for new adventures and challenges and with an insatiable thirst for knowledge she throws herself with enthusiasm and...
  • Mio - Mio


    Calm Philosopher | Spoiled only dog | Fetishist of carpets
    Solving complicated problems, then sleep a bit – this is the world of the polish native. In between, he seduces...
  • nikoo - Niko


    Feel Good Manager | Explorer | Networking Champion
    In tradition of the very famous Spanish explorers Niko has not yet sailed the world’s oceans, but passed the Pyrenees...