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Simple, secure, private – Wire ist the modern way of communication.


Wire shall be established regarding common messenger apps and used as a business tool as well. On the one hand we are addressing B2B media with focus on IT topics , on the other hand we will regularly inform the target groups about new product features. In addition to that, we are focussing on lifestyle topics to get attention from general interest media and the general public.


There are many famous and intuitive messaging apps, but most of them do not care enough about data security. Wire combines usability, fun and privacy. The challenge ist to win recognition and to build on the positive media response.

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Since October 2016 we achieved about 50 clippings in print and online media. There are also various dpa reports, which further increased the reach. In addition, we also generated a TV clipping and all in all eight links to wire.com.

The PR caused a positive noise in relevant media and increased the brand awareness of Wire among users. Wire is now a popular interview partner for many media with the main focus on technology. Among other things, interviews with Absatzwirtschaft, Deutsche Welle and Swiss IT Magazine were published.

The messenger could be positioned in special interest media, whereby the degree of recognition in relevant key media has risen to such an extent that Wire is now an established name for the journalists.

We also succeeded in positioning Wire as a safe alternative to established messengers. In addition, Cashy’s blog (stadt-bremerhaven.de), one of Germany’s best-known blogs, reported on one of Wire’s newly released features. Further, an image film for Wire Swiss GmbH was produced in cooperation with “Das Gute Werk”.

Highlights: Special interest media for digital and technology (online / print), such as Absatzwirtschaft, Newsslash, Office DropIn, Computer Partner, CHIP, Internet World Business, Online Händler News, E-Commerce Magazin, c’t magazin, One to One Print, inside-it.ch, Bleiwüste.de, Netzpiloten, androidpit, netzpolitik.org, Swiss IT Magazine, stadt-bremerhaven.de

Regional daily newspapers and public press (print / online), such as Netzwoche Print, Sächsische Zeitung, Berliner Zeitung, Focus Online

Generated links to Wire: 8

Status as of February 15, 2017