March 30, 2015

Blogger-Interview – 10 Questions for Sabrina von

1. First of all, let’s talk about some facts: What’s your name, what’s your blog called and what is it about?

Sabrina Andrea SachsHi, Sabrina Andrea Sachs is my name, or better, the one I use for my photography and blog business. You can find me on Instagram as @the_storyteller and @cafesaroundtheworld), on my website, on Steller as The_Storyteller, and most recently on Twitter @sab_storyteller. As you can see from my accounts’ names across all platforms, I tell stories through pictures and words.

2. Why did you start your blog?

For a long time I wanted to create a unique platform to showcase my photography and stories, and a website was the best way to do it. Even though I’m active on many social networks, I wanted to have a place where people and clients could really see who I am and what I do, by representing my style, stories and personality. It’s an ongoing project and I still have lots of old and new work to add to it.

3. What is unique about your blog? What does it make different from other blogs?

I believe my website is different in many ways. First of all, the variety of my photography provides a unique point to the world. I take pictures of food, people, travel and street photography. When on a trip, I try to capture the less-known areas of a city and show the hidden corners and gems, as well as people’s emotions and their stories. Through my photography I try to show the world as it is rather than creating postcards-looking picture. In addition, as my essays and blog focus on small and big themes of life, from living a simple, but fulfilling life, to technology and travel I provide a very broad range of topics and angles.

4. How much time do you invest in your blog each week?

I normally post one or twice a month, but I’ll become much more frequent in the near future.

5. What is your favorite blogger tool?

My Olympus camera of course!! And my GoPro.  In terms of editing, I normally use Photoshop or Vsco depending on how I will use my pictures. I created my website on WordPress.

6. How many clicks do you have each day and how do you build your reach?

I have about 500 views per post on my website and circa 1000 per picture on Instagram with an average of 70/80 comments each. I advertise my new work through my other social networks. I normally give an intro on a new photo on instagram that encourages people to read the full story on my website and Steller account.

7. How do you earn your money?

I review products, tour operators and other lifestyle brands for whom I publish posts and pictures.

8. When is a cooperation with commercial companies interesting for your blog?

As my website focuses on lifestyle and travel, I’m always interested in hearing from up and coming companies, tour operators or touristic venues with personality and something different to offer.

9. Which blogs do you read on a regular basis?

I love, techcrunch, and and many more!

10. The most important tip for companies who want to do blogger cooperations?

In this very competitive moment of the digital industry, it is important that companies carefully select their blogging partners taking into considerations their platforms and style; a “spam” campaign won’t add much value in the long run, but having some selected bloggers will take help them to tell the story of their brands and build long-lasting relationships. Personally, I  only work with brands that I truly admire or I’m inspired by.

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