December 12, 2017

2017: Our Year in Review

If one thing is certain, it never gets boring at Mashup Communications. 2017 was a year that should not be like any one before. New ambitions have challenged our creative powers. Our team spirit has passed great tests. Each of us has completed new stages on their personal hero’s journey, has grown and matured as the protagonist of their own story. We look back and review the year with more or less important facts and milestones.


From now on, we welcome new employees with our brand book and manifest our values.

A trip to Porto brought our team even closer together and should become the starting point for new plans.


New look, new feeling – The relaunch of our website has been completed. Brand storytelling becomes our DNA.


We are voted by kununu among the top 10 companies in Marketing / Advertising / PR.

3,000+ Clippings

Without protagonists no stories.

51 Clients

10 Workshops


employees: 19
∅ age: 31
∅ team loyalty: 2.5 years

Louisa, Manja and Jaqueline have successfully completed their traineeship!

New members of our family: team assistance Kendra and trainees Johannes and Liam

Our mashup family is also growing privately.

Aaron (8 years), Jona (6 years),

Julian (2¾ years), Fiete (2 years),

Milla (1¾ years), Filine (10 months)

We also congratulate Theresa, who got married this year!

The annual ration on our journey:

4,990 bottles of water
300 kg fruits
312 bottles of juice
300 l milk
7,800 cups of coffee
312 bottles of bubbly
104 bottles of wine
260 bottles of beer

For 1.5 years consistently Top5 bestseller in the Amazon category “Branding”

Of course, we did not forget to let our mind wander during all this work.

Last but not least, a few glimpses behind the scenes.

Miriam Rupp on EmailMiriam Rupp on FacebookMiriam Rupp on InstagramMiriam Rupp on LinkedinMiriam Rupp on Twitter
Miriam Rupp
Miriam nimmt die Rolle des Kapitäns der Agentur ein und führt diese visionär, aber auch gut geplant und strukturiert, durch die Zeiten des Medienwandels. Sie manövriert bekannte wie auch neue Gewässer mit Begeisterung. Wer sich darauf einlässt, kann eine turbulente, mitreißende Fahrt erleben.

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