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Five secrets about copywriting I wish I’d known sooner

PR and Content Marketing would be nothing without the power of words. That’s reason enough to take a closer look at copywriting.Read More

Financial Storytelling: The Changing Role of the CFO

Financial figures provide the common thread for a narrative that engages shareholders and internal stakeholders alike. This is precisely one of the new tasks of a CFO: financial storytelling.Read More

Kampagnen-Check: #whatsyourname von Starbucks

In der aktuellen Kampagne setzt sich Starbucks für die Transgender-Community ein und erzählt die Geschichte eines Jungen und seiner neuen Identität. Read More

Storytelling in der Forschung: Gefühl trifft auf Wissenschaft

Storytelling in der Wissenschaft basiert auf einem einfachen Prinzip: Forschungsprojekte werden in Geschichten gepackt, die den Leser persönlich berühren.Read More

Message to the people – This is what great CEO letters look like

What makes CEO letters successful? When do employees and other interest groups feel they are being picked up? Which messages motivate and inspire the team?Read More

Kampagnen-Check: Die Hochzeit von Siri und Alexa

Es ist Pride Month! Der Kampagnen-Check steht deshalb im Zeichen des Regenbogens: die beiden Sprachassistentinnen Siri und Alexa feierten ihren Eheschluss. Mit der inszenierten KI-Heirat machte die Stadt Wien darauf aufmerksam, dass zwar smarte Geräte, aber immer noch nicht alle Menschen heiraten dürfen. Wie die Aktion dabei abschneidet, nehmen wir nun unter die Lupe.Read More

Creating an emotional tie with the Limbic® Map

Rational shopping? Wrong! The human brain acts associatively, interpretively and selectively. The Limbic® Map provides a model to explain consumer behavior. Read More

Automatic success? Robots as heroes in brand storytelling

Artificial Intelligence has not only arrived in everyday life. You also meet more and more robots as heroes in Brand Storytelling.Read More

Slow Storytelling: Content Manufactory Instead of Assembly Lines

Slow Storytelling: In this fast-paced content environment, companies should put more energy and attentiveness into real substance.Read More

Transmedia Storytelling – Campaigns inspired by Hollywood

Transmedia Storytelling enables customers to play an active role in campaigns. As protagonists, it’s up to them to give the story a happy ending.Read More

Corporate Campfires: Team Building Through Storytelling

A campfire is the key meeting point of people to tell their stories. Corporate Campfires are a special form of team building.Read More

Virtual Reality – A New Way to tell Stories in Journalism

A new trend in journalism makes viewers to participants in the center of the action. VR is still in its infancy, but the potential is huge, as initial projects show.Read More

Kampagnen-Check: Scrabble heißt jetzt Buchstaben-YOLO

Scrabble heißt jetzt Buchstaben-YOLO – eine Nachricht, die hohe Wellen geschlagen hat. Doch alle Fans des Spieleklassikers können aufatmen: Alles nur ein Spaß. Ob der Streich zum 70. Geburtstag gelungen ist, zeigt der Kampagnen-Check.Read More

Pressing Forward: Storytelling at Hilti Group

Felix Reichstein is a storyteller at the Hilti Group in Liechtenstein and shows how he uses storytelling to rid the construction industry of dust.Read More