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8 tips for good storytelling in internal communication

Well-functioning internal communication forms the basis for corporate success and a motivated team. Storytelling is particularly suitable for optimising the exchange within the company and making it more authentic.
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Next stop: New Work! Roadmap for New Work with Storytelling

If you want to find and retain employees, you can’t avoid New Work. Storytelling helps to define the right path for companies.Read More

Listening to Corporate Stories: Audio Storytelling in Recruiting

The podcast hype has now also arrived in employer branding. In recruiting, audio storytelling can ensure new talent and satisfied employees.Read More

Limelight to Backstage: 4 Levels of CEO Storytelling

Spanx and Airbnb have become legendary brands thanks in part to successful CEO storytelling.Read More

Employer Branding in the New Normal: 5 Measures to Remain Competitive

It is not only the shortage of skilled workers that is forcing companies to rethink recruiting. Which meaningful employer branding measures should companies therefore better maintain or take now in the “new normal” in order to remain competitive? Read More

Female Employer Branding: 5 key questions for recruiting women

What points do companies need to pay attention to when recruiting future female employees? These 5 questions help to implement female employer branding with storytelling.Read More

Perfectly coordinated: Communicating values as a company

Have you defined corporate values and actually lived them in your team? Then talk about them! Carla Gabriel shows how employees can become protagonists, how stories can be told authentically, and how former team members can carry the values out into the world. Read More

How employees and companies can reconcile their values in everyday life

Employees want to reconcile their values with their work. Therefore, companies should respond to the needs and wishes of employees.Read More

Time for Change – Storytelling in Change Management

Change management in companies often triggers resistance. With storytelling, employees can be involved in the process and fears can be removed.Read More

Foundation, Team, Vision – How to find your company values

Every company can and should ask itself what distinguishes its brand from others. An essential idea for this is the values that are defined in an organization. Today, we’ll show you why this is an ongoing process and what role the various stages of your own hero’s journey play in this.Read More

Message to the people – This is what great CEO letters look like

What makes CEO letters successful? When do employees and other interest groups feel they are being picked up? Which messages motivate and inspire the team?Read More

Corporate Campfires: Team Building Through Storytelling

A campfire is the key meeting point of people to tell their stories. Corporate Campfires are a special form of team building.Read More

Pressing Forward: Storytelling at Hilti Group

Felix Reichstein is a storyteller at the Hilti Group in Liechtenstein and shows how he uses storytelling to rid the construction industry of dust.Read More

From desirable employer brands: Storytelling on LinkedIn

Employer branding on LinkedIn? Sounds dull at first, and it usually is. But the business platform is ideal for telling partners, applicants and customers stories about your own company. We explain how.Read More

Love is in the Air: Storytelling on Career Pages

For successful employer branding, storytelling on job pages can be a great help in finding the right applicants. On their job pages, companies better tell their story, the values, visions, and the people behind it all.Read More