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Storytelling Close-Up IKEA: Every piece of furniture is a story

IKEA is not just a Swedish furniture store, but has rather established itself as a brand in the collective memory. The company achieved its cult status thanks to unbeatable low prices, a unique sales concept and the power of storytelling.Read More

Five secrets about copywriting I wish I’d known sooner

PR and Content Marketing would be nothing without the power of words. That’s reason enough to take a closer look at copywriting.Read More

A plea for more B2B content marketing

B2B content marketing often degenerates into a freestyle activity, although it should actually be a duty. Therefore: A plea for more B2B content marketing!Read More

Social SEO redefined: Improve your search engine ranking

All communication measures for successful social SEO: How the connections from PR, social media and influencer relations ensure high-quality backlinks and thus improve your own search engine ranking.Read More

How to crack expert status with Whitepapers

The Whitepaper is an effective format for positioning your own company as an expert. We provide tips for a convincing Whitepaper.Read More

Knowledge is power – How a whitepaper can score you extra points with your your target group

Every company has knowledge. What could be more obvious than to use this knowledge to position yourself as an expert in public via a whitepaper?Read More

B2B Influencer Marketing: With Industry Experts to More Reach

B2B companies have a lot of catching up to do in influencer marketing compared to B2C. Find out which measures make sense on our blog!Read More

Facebook is too old and Snapchat is only for teenagers?

Social media are more versatile and popular than ever. But how do I find my target group on Facebook, Instagram and the like? Find out here!Read More

Back to Business: Tips and tricks for a professional LinkedIn presence

Want to boost your career path or give your company more reach on LinkedIn? Check out this post and find out how!Read More

Trends, Hijacks, Forums – How to make your story a door opener for journalists

Calls and emails fail and the journalist won’t cover your story? With these tips you will find the key to every editorial door!Read More

24/7: Storytelling with Instagram Stories

t’s hard to imagine brand communication without social media. 3 reasons why companies should definitely use Instagram Stories.Read More

Blogpost, listicle and then? – 13 Digital content formats

In content marketing, it pays for companies to explore all digital content formats to find the best combination and unique content.Read More

Corporate Journalism: Why companies should work more like journalists when it comes to content marketing

Corporate journalism combines two principles that at first glance do not go together: objective reporting and brand communication.Read More

Slow Storytelling: Content Manufactory Instead of Assembly Lines

Slow Storytelling: In this fast-paced content environment, companies should put more energy and attentiveness into real substance.Read More