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10 content inspirations for storytelling on Instagram

Instagram has created many new approaches to storytelling in images in recent years. Here are some examples of successful brands that can inspire you to captivate your audience with visual storytelling:Read More

Company stories: How the corporate podcast succeeds

Podcasts are experiencing a strong upward trend and are becoming increasingly interesting as a content marketing tool for companies.Read More

Storytelling at the company anniversary

Skillful and creative storytelling can turn a company anniversary into an emotional highlight for all employees, customers and even outsiders.Read More

Love is in the Air: Storytelling on Career Pages

For successful employer branding, storytelling on job pages can be a great help in finding the right applicants. On their job pages, companies better tell their story, the values, visions, and the people behind it all.Read More

How to Find Your Brand Voice

On social media, millions of companies talk to their customers in one way or another. For brands, this means shaping their mentor archetypes into a unique character and giving them their own voice.Read More

Not Like This: Customer Inquiries from Hell

Over the years we have received more than 1,000 client inquiries. While 99 percent of these e-mails were quite normal, friendly and respectful, there were also a few gems particularly bizarre or bold. We’ve listed the best-of for you here. Only slightly modified for spelling or anonymization, otherwise in the original wording. Enjoy!Read More

Marketing, HR & PR under one roof: A plea for the brand newsroom

The boundaries between marketing, PR, employer branding, etc. are increasingly disappearing thanks to storytelling and content strategy. A new approach: the brand newsroom.Read More

Transmedia Storytelling: Many roads lead to fame

Transmedia storytelling: What are the pros and cons of PR, content marketing, social media & Co. An overview of the channels.Read More

The 6 biggest PR learnings of the Mashies

PR, storytelling, social media, content marketing, employer branding: the team looks back on years of PR experience and shares the most important learningsRead More

Successful PR? This is how Industry Professionals Measure the Output of Press Relations

Many decision-makers ask themselves, how can PR be measured? In this blog post Tommy explains which tools PR professionals should rely on.Read More

Data Storytelling – A Guide out of the Numbers Nirvana

With the help of data storytelling, companies create exciting stories from their data and numbers.Read More

Summer Flirt or True Love – Influencer Relations Put to the Test

Influencer relations put to the test – a comparison with private and normal relationships and what companys can learn from it.Read More

Digital storytelling tools: how to tell corporate stories today

Curtain up: Digital storytelling tools are becoming more and more popular, we present StoryBuilder, Prezi Next and more to make your company presentation a success!Read More

Check, One, Two: How Companies Find the Right Stage for Their Presentation

From the right audience to storytelling charm: Our Mashie Mira reveals how to find the right speaker opportunities for your company.Read More

Successful Cooperation: Do’s and Dont’s for Influencers

What distinguishes a hobby blogger from a successful Influencer? Who wants to earn money with his followers, has some rules to consider.Read More