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Five secrets about copywriting I wish I’d known sooner

PR and Content Marketing would be nothing without the power of words. That’s reason enough to take a closer look at copywriting.Read More

Social SEO redefined: Improve your search engine ranking

All communication measures for successful social SEO: How the connections from PR, social media and influencer relations ensure high-quality backlinks and thus improve your own search engine ranking.Read More

How to crack expert status with Whitepapers

The Whitepaper is an effective format for positioning your own company as an expert. We provide tips for a convincing Whitepaper.Read More

Knowledge is power – How a whitepaper can score you extra points with your your target group

Every company has knowledge. What could be more obvious than to use this knowledge to position yourself as an expert in public via a whitepaper?Read More

Facebook is too old and Snapchat is only for teenagers?

Social media are more versatile and popular than ever. But how do I find my target group on Facebook, Instagram and the like? Find out here!Read More

Trends, Hijacks, Forums – How to make your story a door opener for journalists

Calls and emails fail and the journalist won’t cover your story? With these tips you will find the key to every editorial door!Read More

Creating an emotional tie with the Limbic® Map

Rational shopping? Wrong! The human brain acts associatively, interpretively and selectively. The Limbic® Map provides a model to explain consumer behavior. Read More

Small Tricks, Big Effect: Tips and tricks for Beautiful Textwriting

To bring texts to life, a copywriter has a wide variety of stylistic devices at his or her disposal. The rule here is: as short as possible, as long as necessary.Read More

Transmedia Storytelling – Campaigns inspired by Hollywood

Transmedia Storytelling enables customers to play an active role in campaigns. As protagonists, it’s up to them to give the story a happy ending.Read More

From desirable employer brands: Storytelling on LinkedIn

Employer branding on LinkedIn? Sounds dull at first, and it usually is. But the business platform is ideal for telling partners, applicants and customers stories about your own company. We explain how.Read More

Not Like This: Customer Inquiries from Hell

Over the years we have received more than 1,000 client inquiries. While 99 percent of these e-mails were quite normal, friendly and respectful, there were also a few gems particularly bizarre or bold. We’ve listed the best-of for you here. Only slightly modified for spelling or anonymization, otherwise in the original wording. Enjoy!Read More

Marketing, HR & PR under one roof: A plea for the brand newsroom

The boundaries between marketing, PR, employer branding, etc. are increasingly disappearing thanks to storytelling and content strategy. A new approach: the brand newsroom.Read More

The 6 biggest PR learnings of the Mashies

PR, storytelling, social media, content marketing, employer branding: the team looks back on years of PR experience and shares the most important learningsRead More

Successful PR? This is how Industry Professionals Measure the Output of Press Relations

Many decision-makers ask themselves, how can PR be measured? In this blog post Tommy explains which tools PR professionals should rely on.Read More

Data Storytelling – A Guide out of the Numbers Nirvana

With the help of data storytelling, companies create exciting stories from their data and numbers.Read More