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Social SEO redefined: Improve your search engine ranking

All communication measures for successful social SEO: How the connections from PR, social media and influencer relations ensure high-quality backlinks and thus improve your own search engine ranking.Read More

Facebook is too old and Snapchat is only for teenagers?

Social media are more versatile and popular than ever. But how do I find my target group on Facebook, Instagram and the like? Find out here!Read More

Back to Business: Tips and tricks for a professional LinkedIn presence

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24/7: Storytelling with Instagram Stories

t’s hard to imagine brand communication without social media. 3 reasons why companies should definitely use Instagram Stories.Read More

Blogpost, listicle and then? – 13 Digital content formats

In content marketing, it pays for companies to explore all digital content formats to find the best combination and unique content.Read More

Instagram for B2B companies

Instagram has become a mega network. For companies, there is an opportunity to build an audience through identification and liking.Read More

Storytelling on Twitter: 4 tips to help companies learn how to tweet

A company’s founding story in 280 characters? That’s only possible on Twitter! Brands can tweet rousing stories in just four simple steps.Read More

Storytelling on snapshot! Marketing with Snapchat

The mobile app loses eight percentage points, or 1.5 billion dollars, in market value after Jenner’s Twitter character assassination and must now quickly become more attractive for investors and advertisers. Bookable story ads, non-skip short ads and branded face filters – how does storytelling works for businesses on Snapchat?Read More

10 content inspirations for storytelling on Instagram

Instagram has created many new approaches to storytelling in images in recent years. Here are some examples of successful brands that can inspire you to captivate your audience with visual storytelling:Read More

Company stories: How the corporate podcast succeeds

Podcasts are experiencing a strong upward trend and are becoming increasingly interesting as a content marketing tool for companies.Read More

How to Find Your Brand Voice

On social media, millions of companies talk to their customers in one way or another. For brands, this means shaping their mentor archetypes into a unique character and giving them their own voice.Read More

Transmedia Storytelling: Many roads lead to fame

Transmedia storytelling: What are the pros and cons of PR, content marketing, social media & Co. An overview of the channels.Read More

Digital Storytelling Tools: The Key to Successful Story Planning

How do I plan a good story? Here are four digital storytelling tools that help you prepare and plan your unique plot.Read More