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Thank you for storytelling of the best kind: Warner Brothers makes 100 years of history

In keeping with the Warner Brothers’ 100th anniversary, we’re looking at the storytelling of their classic films. Read More

Storytelling Close-up McDonald’s: How a company connects cultures, humans and families

The golden M has always attracted us – whether abroad, after a party, or at rest stops. McDonalds has turned fast food into an emotionalized experience through storytelling. Read More

Storytelling in the Metaverse: What companies need to understand now

The metaverse is taking over the world and can bring users and companies together in a revolutionary way. Find out here why companies should seize this opportunity and how they can convince with storytelling in the metaverse.Read More

How to crack expert status with Whitepapers

The Whitepaper is an effective format for positioning your own company as an expert. We provide tips for a convincing Whitepaper.Read More

24/7: Storytelling with Instagram Stories

t’s hard to imagine brand communication without social media. 3 reasons why companies should definitely use Instagram Stories.Read More

Blogpost, listicle and then? – 13 Digital content formats

In content marketing, it pays for companies to explore all digital content formats to find the best combination and unique content.Read More

Virtual Reality – A New Way to tell Stories in Journalism

A new trend in journalism makes viewers to participants in the center of the action. VR is still in its infancy, but the potential is huge, as initial projects show.Read More

10 content inspirations for storytelling on Instagram

Instagram has created many new approaches to storytelling in images in recent years. Here are some examples of successful brands that can inspire you to captivate your audience with visual storytelling:Read More

How to Produce an Image Video: Checklist for the Production Schedule

The production schedule differs from the script in that it is about listing the settings and scenes effectively and sensibly. In this way, a frequent change of location can take place in the script. However, the shooting should be planned in such a way that all scenes at one location are filmed in one go.Read More

Digital Storytelling Tools: The Key to Successful Story Planning

How do I plan a good story? Here are four digital storytelling tools that help you prepare and plan your unique plot.Read More

Visual Storytelling for Beginners

Visual storytelling is not only for artistically inclined virtuosos. With just a few tricks, everyone can accompany their texts, presentations and meetings with the appropriate pictures.Read More

5 examples of image films that can be seen

Image films are often generic and not particularly original. These five successful storytelling examples show that things can be different.Read More