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Language is our most important organ of communication. Speakers, singers, and actors have always used their human voice to captivate audiences with their stories. In recent years, thanks to Spotify, iTunes and Apple Podcasts, the heard word is more popular than ever. People are scouring the podcast charts and becoming more enthusiastic about digital content formats that can be consumed regardless of location or time. As a result, more and more organizations are turning to the spoken word, which goes straight to the audience’s ears and creates a loyal relationship. We support companies in breaking new ground and inspiring their target audience again and again with new, exciting formats. Among other things, with podcasts for companies.

As a brand storytelling agency, we know how to tell stories so that they resonate with listeners and give companies their own unique voice. A CEO or founder podcast, for example, can not only tell the company’s story, but also position the brand as a relevant industry expert. When employees describe their own personal hero’s journey at their employer, this also pays off for employer branding. Experts from different departments can have their say here and exchange ideas with other industry leaders. In this way, they also tell potential applicants about their corporate culture. There are good stories in every team – we’ll find them for you. For a taste of what a company podcast can sound like, check out our in-house produced Praxistalk Brand-Storytelling. You can also find all our episodes on Spotify and Apple iTunes.

From the editorial plan, script and guest acquisition to staff training, recording support and hosting – we make sure that your podcast reaches the right target group and stays in their ears. With your stories worth listening to, we then approach the right media and make your very own story known via content marketing, because podcasts for companies are a must nowadays.