A Team

At the pulse of the stories: with adrenaline and heart beyond the finish line

The A-Team always tackles their projects with creative ideas, a quick slogan on their lips and a sparkle in their eyes. “A” stands for “adrenaline”, which flows through their veins, as soon as their adventurous ideas lead to ingenious strategies that work. The team works as a well-established organism complemented by their individual strengths and hunger for new horizons. Head of the A-Team is the motivational maker Katharina, Ciani is a bundle full of energy and represents the mouth, whereas the language fairy Caro is the creative hand – together they are all united by their common passion for good stories.

Ciani-Sophia Hoeder

The passionate runner is quickly inspired by every single new idea. Whether on the phone with journalists or for her animal protection organizations on the road – Ciani, the motivational asset, convinces every fellow human being and sprints into the goal with a spice of creativity.

Carolin Behrens

Jumbling with language and words has always fascinated her. As a studied cultural scientist and with a lot of experience in the media field she dares to change the PR perspective on a daily basis. Also she is passionate about exciting brand stories.

Tineke Geisker
Senior Consultant

After nine years in PR, you can’t steal the thunder of this mom of a little sailor. The cheerful soul of the North convinces with creativity, competence and charm and draws with experience for successful communication strategy.

Johannes Schmidt

The business administration and marketing student joined the A-Team as an almost untitled sheet and is now looking forward to the upcoming PR experiences. Combining his free mind, creativity and some male intuition, he is going to explore his first chapter as a storyteller

Carol Christ

Since 2015, Carol has been studying media and communications in Bavaria. For her three-month internship at Mashup Communications, she quickly paused her studies and headed to the capital of Germany – full of anticipation to support her team with commitment and optimism.

Katharina Braun
Senior Consultant

Katharina loves to start projects with the motto “just do it”. The next step is to reach the goal with a well thought-through strategy. With honesty and a big heart she navigates her team, her clients as well as her dog Mio through the stormy agency life.

Mashup Communications Projects

  • PR: Codecheck, Mineko, Xucker, Spinnup, Crowdfox, Readly, Lieferando, Kinderwunsch Tage, Mampe, teambay, Cringle, aklamio, Bring, Billomat, Pakadoo, B10, fitedo, In-house PR für Mashup Communications
  • Influencer Relations: Deliveroo, Travels of Adam, NABU
  • Events: Wired
  • Social Media: SevenVentures
  • Seminars: Knick, Universal Music, Zurich, deGUT
  • HR, BizDev, Content marketing, Influencer relations, Visuelles storytelling

Combined Experiences

  • Storytelling
  • PR
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Influencer relations
  • Crisis communications
  • Event organization
  • Editorial road shows
  • Online Publishing for the German broadcasting channel arte
  • Intercultural communication
  • Culture and language teaching
  • Online editorials
  • TV channel for CNN
  • Journalism education
  • Political communication