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since April 2018

Download figures, user behavior and demographics – App Annie gives companies a 360-degree customer view on the global app economy. In order to optimize their own performance in the mobile market, companies primarily focus on the requirements of their users. The safest source is user data that reflects the consumer experience. From the discovery of app markets and marketing strategies to the monetization of applications, App Annie supports its customers with its data intelligence.


As an industry leader, App Annie provides exciting insights into the world of apps. The data collected on gaming, travel, social media etc. are not only interesting for tech publications, but also general interest media enjoy the rankings published by App Annie. The aim is to attract attention especially on the B2B market in order to convince companies of the potential of digital market analysis.


The key to success lies in the evaluation of user behavior, which app manufacturers have long recognized. Many companies collect their own app data through in-app analysis services and tracking solutions. However, the development of competitors and new markets are also important for asserting oneself against competition. App Annie starts right here and enriches the market with exciting insights.

So far, we have generated more than 2,400 clippings in print and online media. These include press releases, guest contributions and rankings. In addition to tech media such as LEAD digital, t3n, Heise and Golem, articles have also appeared in general interest and lifestyle media, including Welt, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Focus as well as Cosmopolitan and Vogue.

Status as of: July 2020