Case: Gympass

The corporate wellbeing solution Gympass supports companies in reinventing the wellbeing of their employees and making it accessible to all.



Public Relations

since November 2020


To establish Gympass as a corporate wellbeing expert and professional for the modernization and digitalization of the fitness industry, we primarily target HR, business, lifestyle and fitness media. We also successfully position Samuel Turnwald, Head of Corporate Wellbeing at Gympass Germany, in HR and business media as well as podcasts through professional articles and interviews. Expertise is also underpinned by the publication of infographics, statistics, trends and studies.


As an international player, Gympass enjoys a great reputation and name recognition, but lags somewhat behind its main competitor in Germany. Thus, Gympass’ USP and global expertise and market knowledge will be used to reach the target groups. We highlight the diversity and added value of the fitness and wellbeing solution for companies and communicate it to a broad audience. In addition, the COVID pandemic has presented further challenges to Gympass and its fitness providers as customers. However, opportunities also emerged through the expertise of digital and hybrid offerings and the focus on mental health.


Clippings since December 2020


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We have achieved over 110 clippings in print and online media during our collaboration so far. For example, articles appeared in Business Punk, BASIC Thinking, Creditreform, Human Resources Manager, Personalwirtschaft, freundin, msn Germany, Switzerland and Austria, on Bodymedia, bodyLIFE, Fitness Society and fitness MANAGEMENT. We were also able to give Gympass a guest appearance on the podcast “Auf einen Tee mit Andrea Montua”.