Case: kicker

As the sports media brand with the widest reach, kicker inspires around 10 million fans per month.

Fußball Medium


Public Relations / Corporate Storytelling

January 2020 until February 2022


Our mission was initially to position kicker sustainably in the B2B environment around its 100th anniversary and to expand communications. With its own content, print and digital products, and investments, the sports media brand lives the digital transformation in the publishing and media industry and is constantly reinventing itself.


Whether it’s a plug-in table, its own website, or a news app – the media company has often been a pioneer. Therefore, the challenge was to place kicker in trade media and vertical outlets based on the pillars of tradition, success and innovation. The Nurembergers are “close by tradition” to reporting, but also to the potential of digitization.


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In January 2020, we started the operational press work and, until the finalization of the project, achieved over 220 clippings. Among them published press releases and professional articles at W&V, Horizont, Deutsche Startups, Gründerszene, Startup Valley News, Markenartikel, New Business, Tagesspiegel, DNV – Der neue Vertrieb, Turi2, MEEDIA, Computerworld and

“We get visibility in media where we were not visible before. Internally, the fact that Mashup Communications always generates proposals from within itself, but is flexible enough to interpose short-term things or client requests, has a particularly positive effect.”

kicker and our values:

Respect & loyalty: “It doesn’t matter at all whether the interviewer is a manager or the intern, the team talks to everyone at eye level and with the same interest.”

Optimism & Enthusiasm: “Although a publication topic of our marketing has already been rejected several times, the team kept at it and managed to accommodate it in the end. In addition, every suggestion is really received with enthusiasm first, and the team doesn’t let frustration set in even when topics turn out to be dead ends.”

Honesty & empathy: “We openly tell each other what we think of proposals in the jour fixes. This is a permanent state and not just situational.”