Case: TYME Group

The marketplace for digital video consulting

Tyme Group


The conception of the website and the PR work started in June 2020 with the aim of bundling the diverse services under the Tyme Group umbrella, showing experts and companies how they can digitize their services and make knowledge accessible online to users. With the conception of a website, regular PR stories and the maintenance of a company magazine, we were able to consolidate the expert status of Tyme Group and convince relevant key media, companies and users of the individual services. Whether it’s a medical video consultation, uncomplicated financial advice or even the white label offer with appointment booking and call center function, the uniform communication makes the diverse services tangible.


We supported Tyme Group in its rebranding, which was made recognizable above all by a uniform name and the new website. In communication, it is particularly important to successively explain the different industries and the diverse services in order to make the broad range of products tangible. In B2B communications, we are therefore targeting companies that integrate the white label as well as individual experts who claim the video service for themselves via XPERTyme or MEDITyme. In addition, we show users the various offers, with the company’s own magazine supporting the press work.


Before the classic PR work and content marketing started in fall 2020, we designed both a new company name and a website that summarizes the Tyme Group’s diverse services. In particular, the online presence was about bundling the rich offer and making it quickly findable. Regular B2C and B2B stories explain the range of services under the Tyme Group umbrella. Here, we achieved particularly nice successes in the vertical key media. These include trade media such as doctor’s today, PM-Report or HR Journal, but also general interest media such as Welt and Focus.

With blog articles and appropriate visual material, we share tips and tricks for all concerns around the topic of video consulting. We also provide insights into the security of digital communication and inform self-employed people and companies about the possibilities of offering their own services online. Via postings on LinkedIn, we specifically address the target group with the appropriate professional background.