Team Earlybirds

early to rise, early to shine



The Earlybirds aren’t just early risers and sunrise connoisseurs. With their perfect combination of Berlin repartee and heads full of colorful ideas, they put their customers in the right spotlight, whether with hard-hitting B2B topics or fluffy consumer stories. With a sure compass, the Earlybirds steer through the digital world, always on the lookout for inspiration, trends, and new stages on which to tell their stories.

Manja Rehfeld

Team Lead

With her passion for the English language, note-taking and extensive research, Manja is the Sherlock Holmes of the Earlybirds – always looking for facts and information for stories.

Manja Rehfeld – Mashup Communications Team
Charlotte Hermel

Charlotte Hermel


Charlotte’s ideas are as numerous as her freckles. Creativity and enthusiasm are written all over her face.

Meral Al-Mer


Meral loves etymology and always serves up a pinch of wisdom and depth to go along with word-playful hijinks.

Meral Al-Mer
Michaela Bösch - Mashup Communications

Michaela Bönsch


Michaela is always looking for new stories. Inspired by the right soundtrack in her ear, there are no limits to her creativity.

Eva Uhlmann


Eva is always open to new stories that inspire her. With a pinch of creativity and optimism, every challenge is met with a smile.

Eva Uhlmann

References of the Team

Logo Freelancermap

“Mashup Communications believes in a happy ending with every new story. Especially when it came to creating a Freelancer Compass article on Wikipedia, they impressively demonstrated their optimism. Despite strong headwinds from the Wikipedia community, they didn’t give up and successfully argued for the relevance of the article.”

Thomas Maas, CEO Freelancermap

Clever Dialer

“Our starting point was that we had great products, but no one to help us communicate that to the world out there. Mashup Communications gives us the best advice here and makes sure we’re always in the media with interesting content.”

Thomas Wrobel, CEO validio GmbH & Co KG (Clever Dialer)


“The change from our first main contact, who had done a great job for us, to a new team was not easy for us at first. We were well-rehearsed with our consultant and skeptical whether the cooperation with a new team of consultants would develop in exactly the same way. But then we were really pleasantly surprised by the mentality and dedication of our new contacts at Earlybirds. At Mashup Communications, you simply notice that each consultant brings great, individual strengths to the table that enrich the collaboration.”

Paul-Alexander Thies, former CEO Billomat


“Although a publication topic of our marketing has already been rejected several times, the team has stayed on and managed to accommodate it in the end. In addition, every suggestion is really received with enthusiasm and the team doesn’t let frustration arise even if topics once prove to be dead ends.”

Nadja Peer, Speaker of the publishing management, Olympia Verlag


“We are always happy to be surprised with spontaneous ideas. Several times a year, the team pitches good ideas and provides inspiration for us as well.”

Naomi Owusu, CEO tickaroo

Ruehe Healthcare

“Communication with the team is fun, uncomplicated and at eye level. The work is very professional and reliable. The team is dedicated and creative.”

Janine Ziemann, Marketing Management

Other clients include

good healthcare group
tyme group
baby foot

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