Team Earlybirds

early to rise, early to shine

Moin, moin with a charming Berlin tongue! The Earlybirds are early to rise and combine the best that Hamburg and Berlin have to offer: With northern German serenity, Berlin quick-wittedness and their heads filled with colorful ideas, they set the stage for their clients – be it with serious b2b topics or fluffy consumer stories. Their compass steady in hand, they maneuver the digital world, always in search of inspirations, trends and new platforms to tell their stories from.

Inga Mücke
Senior Consultant

As a northern light and thalassophile, Inga keeps the steering wheel steady and knows every strait and surf. With her nine years of experience she guides her crew safely to any port. Always on board: spaghetti ice cream, chai latte and light weight Niko.

Julia Beyer
Senior Consultant

After seven years in the agency world, Julia is not easily ruffled. According to the motto “Everything is possible!”, she provides the team with fresh ideas, carefully collected wisdoms and a well-stocked cookie drawer.

Manja Rehfeld

With her passion for the English language, lots of notes and extensive researches, Manja is the Earlybirds’ very own Sherlock Holmes – always in search of facts and information for new stories.

Louisa Beneker
Working Student

Be it finding creative ideas, organizing journalist pitches or talking in front of a crowd – Louisa always keeps her calm and provides the team with the necessary nerves in stressful situations.

Laura Hennemann
Laura Hennemann

Back from a semester in Sweden, Laura’s next adventure has just begun. Equipped with a lot of creativity, even more curiosity and the right amount of insight into human nature, she can’t to wait to take her first steps into the PR universe.

Mashup Communications Projects

  • PR: GYMONDOEconyl, Tellja, Devugees,, Adspert, Remintrex, Auctionet, Brain Day, FlyKly, iZettle, Klares Licht, premium consultants, Regiondo, Unsere Schlemmertüte, tresorit, Lichtmiete, Acceleration14 (Pressday David Hasselhoff), Airfy,, Mailjet, moovin, SlimPay, brandung, Kreutzbergs, iPfand, Mandalah, BIG Social Media, Bike Citizens, jovoto, Webtrekk
  • Business Development/acquisition
  • HR/Training
  • Workshops/Seminars
  • International PR
  • Influencer Relations
  • Visual Storytelling

Collected Experiences

  • PR and storytelling
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Influencer Relations
  • Editorial road shows
  • International PR campaigns
  • Online Publishing
  • Coordinating and accompanying interviews
  • Media relations
  • Journalism and Communications studies
  • Video concepts
  • Account and award management
  • Mentoring
  • Event management
  • Summits, conferences and fairs
  • Marketing