Team Fusion

The whole is more than the sum of its parts!

Curtains up for Team Fusion! The trio lives up to its name and is a crossover mix of creative wordplays, colorful lifestyle ideas and the certain nerd factor. With creativity, organizational talent, humor and know-how, they take their clients on a digital journey full of stories that make you want more. The team is led by the writing talent and instructor Steffi, who keeps a cool head even in stormy times and supports her team with nearly four years of PR expertise. As an IT and film pro, Tommy supports the team with his technical know-how and creative ideas. Johannes is the newest member on the Fusion team.

Stefanie Möser
Senior Consultant

With a passion for stories and people, Steffi inspires clients and employees alike as a PR consultant. A pinch of serenity and humour – the perfect mashup for team power.

Tommy Dobs
Senior Consultant

Tommy has a heart for nerds, because he is one himself! With his IT expertise, technical topics are best kept. Whether cloud service or messenger – with him everything is encrypted.

Liam Kreutschmann

As a trainee, Liam is on the hero’s journey through the world of PR and storytelling. Full steam ahead with his thirst of new experiences, humor and a sense for the little stories and bizarreness of daily life.

Sara Frenz
Senior Consultant

Mashup Communications Projects

  • PR: Wire, Bring!ProvenExpert, Tickaroo,, Neofonie, Everbridge, freelancermap, LeasingMarkt, IVF Spain, sens media, ADACOR, eDarling, clipkit, Auctionet, GEFTA, Remintrex, Spacebase, Tresorit, perfekt schlafen, topcorrect, Book A Tiger, evania video, Lapixa, WeArt, FlyKly, amphiro, Kingii, Mopusher, LUUV, SunnyBAG
  • Business Development
  • HR/Training
  • Workshops/Seminars
  • International PR
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Crowdfunding

Collected Experiences

  • Web development
  • Video
  • Media
  • Conferences
  • Social Media
  • Journalism / editing
  • Event support
  • Sales
  • Proofreading