Case: good healthcare group

good healthcare group is an alliance of more than 450 healthcare specialists that covers everything from the strategy development for pharmaceutical companies, the individual consultancy of healthcare professionals to the extensive care for patients.


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good healthcare group


Public Relations, Brand Storytelling, Copywriting

since January 2018


Through continuous PR, content marketing and employer branding, the good healthcare group as an umbrella brand with its business units +49 med, in // touch, patient+ and cso+ is to be put on the radar of relevant target groups. In addition to news and company announcements, the main aim is to convey the new challenges of the healthcare system and pharmaceutical sales in particular via appealing stories for content marketing and social media, and to highlight the trends and developments in the healthcare sector.


The pharmaceutical industry, and especially its sales, has a very traditional approach and is sometimes skeptical of innovations. At the same time, we have a limited pool of media available to us in the healthcare sector, which we cover with varied topics. We also want to tell the stories of the good healthcare group beyond the pharmaceutical sector, which requires cross-industry relevant topics.


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In January 2018, we started with operational press relations and brand storytelling for the good healthcare group. Since the beginning of the collaboration, we have been able to achieve over 295 clippings in all relevant industries, as well as business and marketing media, in addition to new brochures and employee videos. For example, articles appeared in PM-Report, Healthcare Marketing and Pharma Relations – both online and in the print editions. In addition, guest articles, statements on market developments and personnel reports were published by Business Punk, and Huffpost, among others.