PR & Brand Storytelling

With storytelling as the cornerstone of human communication, companies are creating a long-term interest from their audiences. We know what constitutes a good story, how to tell it successfully and on which stages it is best to present it. Whether on channels you have under your control (owned media), via journalists and social Influencers (earned media), or through advertising formats (paid media). Whether text, image, video or event. Let’s tell new stories together!

PR is a wide field and a long journey. We show holistic strategies for individual company phases. In harmony with the visions of our clients, we develop the golden thread to their communication goals. A jointly defined PR strategy is the foundation of our work, our route, our navigation system. We follow a specially developed storytelling approach, which focuses on the target group. We specify the PR audience, jointly develop core messages, recognize opportunities and risks, and derive key outlets and appropriate PR measures from them. This is how we find the most effective way, with a view to a sustained appeal in media and brand building.

No one likes to talk to a logo or product. This is why every organization needs a face that serves for identification inside and outside. Our clients always have the CEO or the founding team at the center of all PR activities. With exciting stories on the founding, vision and important milestones, we lend make sure your company gets attention from your audience and the media alike. We use the knowledge of our clients in order to prepare guest articles for their respective subject areas. This can be in the form of expert contributions or statements on current events or as speaker opportunities at congresses and industry events. When an entrepreneur shares his or her knowledge and visions with the audience, he or she becomes an exciting conversation partner for journalists and other stakeholders, and thus stands equally for his or her company. With our PR work, we ensure that he or she has a great spot in the limelight.


Miriam Rupp


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