PR Strategy

The PR strategy forms the core of a PR concept. Only those who have a very clear idea of their own corporate management and public relations can direct their actions towards achieving their goals, address the right audience and strengthen the company’s identity. The PR strategy is therefore the foundation of our work and determines the next steps. That is why it is essential for us to plan the route precisely in advance. As in a film, each scene is coordinated with the following act to create a consistent storyline.

How do companies arrive at a promising PR strategy?

A PR strategy requires an intensive exchange of ideas and stories with clients, as well as analysis and research. As a PR agency we take on the role of the director and write the script together with our clients. From the analysis of the opportunities and risks to the identification of suitable target groups as well as key media and the development of the core messages – we accompany the brands to their goal with the help of our storytelling approach. In the process, the company slips into the role of the mentor and the customers become heroes of the story. In this context, we address questions such as “What does the mentor give to his or her her heroes? How do clients become heroes in the first place?

Der Wandel vom Klischee zum Vorbild
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Fashion Storytelling: Warum Mode und Geschichten so gut zusammen passen wie in einem modischen Coffee Table Book symbolisiert.
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Storytelling in der internen Kommunikation

In order to determine the mentoring role of the company, we must first clearly define the target groups. Who are they? What growth needs do they have? Can you address them as a brand? What values do you have in common? The better companies know their target groups, the better communication measures can be aligned to them. Once these have been established, the next step is to work out the core messages of the company and the relevant topics to be played out later in proactive PR work.

Most companies know what they are doing. Some know how to set themselves apart from the competition. But only a few know why they do it. For us, the “why” of a brand is central. This question is about the purpose and beliefs of a corporation. In order to plan a successful PR strategy, we keep the corporate values in focus and ensure that brands leave an authentic, positive impression on their audience and in the media.

Our PR consultants will help you to tell your own exciting story about your company’s foundation and to bring the vision behind your product or service to the public, thus creating emotion and solidarity among the target groups.  As soon as the respective interfaces have been defined and all scenes have been worked out, nothing stands in the way of a successful PR strategy and the implementation of the measures with a view to a happy end.