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As directors of the agency, Nora and Miriam bring together the right talents; guide, motivate and inspire. Companies that are breaking new ground are at the right address with this duo. The mission of the two Berliners is to enable them to captivate their audience again and again with the power of storytelling. Once the script and protagonists are in place, Nora and Miriam, as managing directors, also take on the role of producers. As such, they take care of finances and admin to give the creative team full freedom to develop.

Miriam Rupp

Miriam takes on the role of the agency’s captain and guides it through the times of media change. She maneuvers both familiar and new waters with enthusiasm. Anyone who gets involved can experience a thrilling ride.

Miriam Rupp Mashup Communications Brand Storytelling
Nora Feist

Nora Feist

Nora is the accomplice who doesn’t shy away from exactly these wild rides and breaks new ground with positive energy, a courageous drive and a will to win. Nora likes to get caught up in the excitement of the moment; but also likes to inspire, motivate and entertain others.

Storytelling Buch



“Nora knew how to introduce us to the methodology of storytelling in an interactive workshop with quite a few practical examples and then get us straight into doing. A very exciting day where we learned a lot. I would definitely recommend Mashup Communications to others!”

Kassandra Becker, Social Innovationen & Digitalization at Deutsches Rotes Kreuz


“Together with our partner hotels and with expert guidance from Mashup Communications, we embarked on an exciting hero’s journey. Thanks to Nora’s and Miriam’s know-how, we were able to transform a complex brief into a simple storyline that was supported by all partners.”

Antonia Gaubatz, Conventions Office Project Manager


“Nora has definitely sparked excitement for storytelling with data in our colleagues.”

Lara Schneider, Data Scientist at Roche


“Miriam’s storyline for our Storytelling workshop was brilliant. The workshop content was meticulously prepared for the highly specialised B2B needs. Miriam equipped us with a multitude of tools for our first ventures into storytelling.”

Nadja Siegl, Senior Marketing Specialist at AVL


“The content team at Zalando had the pleasure to host Miriam Rupp as a speaker during an Editorial Workshop. Her presentation helped our team to gain insights into modern digital storytelling within the world of fashion. Her heterogeneously-faceted speech inspired the editors to produce new quality content and explore new editorial formats.”

Eugenio Cirmi, Zalando

Other clients managed directly by Miriam and Nora

Dussmann Group
Goethe Institut

Stories about and from Nora und Miriam


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