The Directors

... and Action!


As directors of the agency, Nora and Miriam bring the right talents together; lead, motivate and inspire them. Companies that go new paths find the right partners in these two. The mission of the two Berliners is to make it possible for them to capture their audience again and again with the power of storytelling. Together, they have already accompanied over 250 campaigns for mostly digital companies and make their experiences accessible to innovators from traditional industries. With screenplay and protagonists established, Nora and Miriam also take over the role of producers. As such, they take care of the finances and administration to give the creative team full developmental space.

Miriam Rupp
Founder & Managing Director

Miriam takes the role of the captain of the agency and leads in a visionary, but well planned and structured way through the times of media change. She maneuvers familiar as well as new waters with enthusiasm. Anyone who commits to this can experience an exciting ride.

Nora Feist
Managing Director

Nora is the accomplice who does not shy away from these wild journeys and takes new paths with positive energy, courageous action and the will to win. Nora likes to be inspired and infected by the excitement of the moment; but also likes to inspire, motivate and entertain others.

Mashup Communications Projects

Combined Experiences

  • Storytelling
  • Public Relations
  • Content Marketing
  • Advertising
  • HR
  • POS-Promotion
  • Events
  • previous clients: toptarif, MyVideo,, LinkedIn, Moneybookers (now: Skrill), Jajah, Deine Tierwelt