Team Tik Tak Talk

If you want to go far, you need a team

Energy through synergy – that is what makes up our team. Theresa is former TV pro and Mira has ten years of PR experience – together we are a perfect match. With know-how, creativity and empathy, we navigate our customers through the landscape of PR and brand storytelling. Always with one goal in mind: To bring out the best for our clients. We love to talk and have made our passion for the profession. Mira is crises-tested and absolutely confident, Theresa is the resting pole of the team. In stressful situations she makes sure that everyone takes a deep breath.

Mira Tokic
Senior Consultant

Because of many years of experience in the PR industry, Mira keeps cool in crisis situations. She knows that everything will be fine. She loves what she does and is happy to be part of such a great team.

Teresa Reichmann
Teresa Reichmann
Senior Consultant

After her studies in French, editorial assistance and eight years of PR work, Teresa is now a part of Mashup Communications. She is looking forward to new challenges and her life in Berlin.

Theresa Cyankiewicz

After her A level, Theresa studied Applied Media Economics with the main focus on TV productions and journalism. After that, she worked as an editor for television for almost five years. Today Theresa is with the Mashies and glad about the professional change.

Liam Kreutschmann

As a trainee, Liam is on the hero’s journey through the world of PR and storytelling. Full steam ahead with his thirst of new experiences, humor and a sense for the little stories and bizarreness of daily life.

Mashup Communications Projects

  • PR: E.ON :agile, Rafiki Power, WhiteWall, Econyl, SevenVentures, Codecheck
  • Social Media: NeoNail, SevenVentures
  • Storytelling: ImmobilienScout24
  • Seminars: Quoka
  • Visual Storytelling / Video

Combined Experiences

  • Interview
  • Research
  • Filming and cutting
  • Video conception
  • Documentaries
  • Explainer videos
  • Crisis PR
  • PR strategy
  • Media
  • Copywriting
  • Event management
  • Organization of press travel
  • Accompanying editorial visits
  • Conferences
  • Social Media