The short news service Twitter is one of the most important social networks and gathers almost 190 million users worldwide. In Germany, the platform is particularly important in the fields of politics and journalism.

280 possible characters may not seem like a lot at first glance, but they offer great opportunities for storytelling: In times of shortage, communication becomes clearer and more precise. It is important to free oneself from the “curse of knowledge” for this purpose. An expertise in a specific field can lead to confusion in communication with details and complicated facts. Twitter is all about brevity – that’s why we help companies or corporate influencers to get their message to the point.

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Storytelling in der Musik mit Led Zeppelin, Green Day, Kendrick Lamar und dem Konzert

Twitter works differently than conventional networks: In addition to branding, the networking idea is the main focus here. Networking with industry partners, retweets of exciting articles and answers to other tweets make your own Twitter presence accessible and attract the attention of your target group.

For a lively channel, we define a strategy for the appearance at the short news service. Posts can be pre-planned for specific occasions, but the key to success on Twitter is speed. We therefore react to current developments and thus ensure consistent live communication of people and brands. To this end, we keep a constant eye on current trends and discussions. We develop an individual wording so that the communication of the brand remains coherent and recognizable. 280 characters means for us: 280 chances to deliver suitable stories to the right network at the right time!