Team Zeitgeist

One for all, and all for the story!


Our Zeitgeists always have exactly the right feeling with which trends and topics they mix up the media world properly. For their clients and their innovative concepts, they always roll out the red carpet and write stories for the big show. From IT nerds to lifestyle lovers, this team not only offers a guarantee for cheerful times, but also a colorful potpourri of skills and passions. What holds everyone together: a lot of fun at work with a healthy dose of enthusiasm.

Tommy Dobs
Senior Consultant

Tommy has a heart for nerds, because he is one himself! With his IT expertise, technical topics are best kept. Whether cloud service or messenger – with him everything is encrypted.

Sara Frenz
Senior Consultant

For years now, Sara has been writing the scripts of our protagonists. With lots of serenity, humor and ingenuity, she fills every scene with pure entertainment.

Liam Kreutschmann
Senior Consultant

Liam is on the hero’s journey through the world of PR and storytelling. Full steam ahead with his thirst of new experiences, humor and a sense for the little stories and bizarreness of daily life.

Lea Schindler

As a grammar nerd, Lea not only enjoys the creative process of writing, but also loves copy-editing other people’s texts. Although she is dependent on her glasses in real life, she’s eagle-eyed when it comes to spotting missing commas or spaces.

Aaron Pommerening

Aaron is learning to tell the stories of the present and the future as he studies the past. With fun, enthusiasm and critical thoughts he supports the team as an intern.

Mashup Communications Projects

Combined Experiences

  • Interview
  • Research
  • Filming and cutting
  • Video conception
  • Documentaries
  • Explainer videos
  • Social Media
  • PR strategy
  • Media
  • Copywriting
  • Event management
  • Organization of press travel
  • Accompanying editorial visits
  • Conferences
  • UX, Usability