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Storytelling Close-up: How Microsoft Opened a New Chapter

He is the one who usually asks questions and writes stories. But today he sits on the other side: Steve Wiens is the managing editor of Microsoft Story Labs.Read More

World Storytelling Day – Our Favorite Storytellers

For the World Storytelling Day we share our personal memories of the greatest storytellers of our time.Read More

Crisis Communication: 9 lessons between cold water and hot telephone lines

What to do in case of fire? Good preparation is everything in crisis communication. Our experience report shows what can happen.Read More

Trump and the dark side of storytelling

What do Donald J. Trump and the dark side of storytelling have in common? We took a closer look at his rhetoric.Read More

The Big Picture: Storytelling with Data

Numbers and statistics can also tell stories. For storytelling to succeed with data, there are some principles to consider.Read More

Digital Sightseeing – Best of Storytelling in Tourism

Storytelling in tourism – three best cases which are more story than campaign.Read More

Yes He Can: Storytelling à la Barack Obama

US President and successful storyteller – We are inspired by Barack Obama’s stories and have compiled our favorite moments.Read More

Darth Vader’s guide – How crowdfunding would have made the death star successful

Darth Vaders guide to bring the crowd over to the dark side of the Force – How crowdinvesting would have brought the death star to success.Read More

5 Reasons why every digital company should have a library

At Mashup Communications, we are digital natives, Internet-savvy, and always up to date, but at the same time still cherishing an analogue library.Read More