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Appreciation & Trust

Having trust in the experience of the agency and each individual consultant, as well as freedom of development in the implementation, is the most successful way to achieve the goals we have set together. We are committed to respectful interaction and an appreciative tone in communication.

Empathy & Fairness

We are jointly committed to honesty and empathy towards the public. We do not tolerate any form of favoritism, hurtful language, discrimination, abuse, exclusion and offensive behavior based on gender, ethnicity, religion, origin, skin color, religious belief, sexuality, gender identity, socioeconomic class, caste, disability or age. We do not accept sexism, racism, colorism, homo-, bi-, inter- and transphobia, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, fascism, ageism, ableism and other and/or intersectional forms of discrimination. We take into account and promote the representation of diversity in our society in our media work. Mashup Communications allows its employees a very high degree of flexibility with regard to their working hours (trust-based working hours) and locations (workation) in the interests of physical and mental health. For us, reliability is the basic prerequisite for smooth and predictable collaboration.

Growth & Cooperation

We see each other as part of a team that works towards the same goal in partnership and at eye level. The client informs the agency in good time about public-relevant developments in their company and supports the agency in the best possible way with expertise and insights. The agency advises the client honestly and transparently.

Openness & Inspiration

We are always learning from and with each other, sharing ideas and experiences. We are always open to new ideas. This also includes artificial intelligence, which we integrate into our processes with constant critical reflection.

Humor & Optimism

Here's to a successful collaboration that will bring us many moments of joy!