PR Agency and Brand Storytelling Consulting

With the power of Storytelling, we enable progressive companies to captivate their audience again and again.

PR Agency and Brand Storytelling Consulting

Customers see, think and speak differently than managing directors, product managers or marketers. It’s the task of a PR agency to translate these messages. Experienced storytellers dare to move away from the assumption that the product itself has to stand in the limelight of every communications activity. Instead, they put the customer in the shoes of the hero. To do this, PR agencies need to know the audience, their needs, wishes and interests and also know where the stories and content of the target groups are to be found. In addition to customer benefits and product advantages, today’s communication is increasingly about values, experience and credibility. Things that can be best transported in stories.

The Berlin-based storytelling and PR agency Mashup Communications supports companies of every business stage with tools, knowledge and support. Whether for value communication, staff management, brand development or B2B communication – in addition to the marketing department, managers and HR managers can also benefit from the repertoire of their company stories. Speeches like Steve Jobs or social media success like Barack Obama, all of that can be learned and used in everyday life or at events. As in PR, content marketing, social media and sales, the power of stories also helps with recruiting and employer branding, to attract the right applicants and to keep the best employees.

The decisive factor here is to develop content for all communication channels, which can be told and shared over a long period of time. Mashup Communications helps to develop strategic channels, themes and formats, and develops holistic storytelling concepts. This way, brands can entertain, inform and involve their audience chapter by chapter.

Founded in 2009 in the midst of the Berlin start-up boom, the directors Miriam Rupp and Nora Feist share their years of experience from the world of digital companies. With their PR agency, they also discover narrative potential slumbering in more traditional industries. Whether manufacturing, tourism, pharmaceuticals, or established in the online industry – Mashup Communications supports companies of all kinds who want to explore new avenues and use storytelling to capture their audience.

With the power of storytelling, the interdisciplinary team of 20 text talents, TV professionals and strategy aces helps companies to find, shape and develop their brand identity over the long term.