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Storytelling- und PR-Agentur Berlin

Our Team

We are mentors on your individual hero's journey.


As directors of the agency, Nora and Miriam bring together the right talents; guide, motivate and inspire. Companies that are breaking new ground are at the right address with the two. The mission of the two Berliners is to enable them to captivate their audience again and again with the power of storytelling.

Profilbild Miriam Rupp
Profilbild Nora Feist
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Assistant Directors

Every good directing performance is only possible with the support of a well-coordinated team. As Head of Onboarding, Julia takes care of the important part of looking after our actors so that they immediately feel comfortable on set and get to know all the processes. In the background, team assistant Kendra takes care of the smooth running of the production and the feel-good factor on set.

Profilbild Julia Beyer
Profilbild Kendra Schröder
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Team Earlybirds

With their perfect combination of Berlin repartee and heads full of colorful ideas, they put their clients and customers in the right spotlight, whether with hard-hitting B2B topics or fluffy consumer stories.

Profilbild Laurence Stroedter
Profilbild Rebecca Schneider
Profilbild Manja Rehfeld
Profilbild Jennifer Nürnberger
Profilbild Luisa Lamade
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Team Wanderlust

A number of modern ideas emerge and form into holistic campaigns for their clients when the team gets inspired and puts their heads together. They impress not only with finding the right words, but also with a fresh eye for aesthetics.

Cleo Böhme
Profilbild Alexandra Reinig
Profilbild Michaela Bönsch
Profilbild Christina Schoof
Jule Friedel
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Mashie Stories


Digital nomadism and permanent employment don't have to be mutually exclusive. Senior consultant and team leader Christina regularly travels to Peru to visit her family. She particularly enjoys combining a trust leave and workation to spend even more quality time with her loved ones.


Agency job and being a mother – Whether in workshops, training interns or looking after clients: Julia tells stories all day long. Both at Mashup Communications and at home. The parallels between her family and what she affectionately calls "work home" range from storytelling to "being a mom."