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Storytelling Close-Up Dove: The tireless commitment to true beauty

What distinguishes a normal beauty campaign from Dove’s campaigns? Good storytelling! We took a closer look at why this is so.Read More

Storytelling in music: hitting the right notes

Music is the language that everyone understands. Which songs, albums and soundtracks are particularly interesting in terms of storytelling?Read More

Storytelling Close-up McDonald’s: How a company connects cultures, humans and families

The golden M has always attracted us – whether abroad, after a party, or at rest stops. McDonalds has turned fast food into an emotionalized experience through storytelling. Read More

Next stop: New Work! Roadmap for New Work with Storytelling

If you want to find and retain employees, you can’t avoid New Work. Storytelling helps to define the right path for companies.Read More

Storytelling in the Metaverse: What companies need to understand now

The metaverse is taking over the world and can bring users and companies together in a revolutionary way. Find out here why companies should seize this opportunity and how they can convince with storytelling in the metaverse.Read More

Listening to Corporate Stories: Audio Storytelling in Recruiting

The podcast hype has now also arrived in employer branding. In recruiting, audio storytelling can ensure new talent and satisfied employees.Read More

Brand Storytelling in 2022

How is brand storytelling for companies in 2022 different from 2016?Read More

Limelight to Backstage: 4 Levels of CEO Storytelling

Spanx and Airbnb have become legendary brands thanks in part to successful CEO storytelling.Read More

Employer Branding in the New Normal: 5 Measures to Remain Competitive

It is not only the shortage of skilled workers that is forcing companies to rethink recruiting. Which meaningful employer branding measures should companies therefore better maintain or take now in the “new normal” in order to remain competitive? Read More

Storytelling Close-Up IKEA: Every piece of furniture is a story

IKEA is not just a Swedish furniture store, but has rather established itself as a brand in the collective memory. The company achieved its cult status thanks to unbeatable low prices, a unique sales concept and the power of storytelling.Read More

Female Employer Branding: 5 key questions for recruiting women

What points do companies need to pay attention to when recruiting future female employees? These 5 questions help to implement female employer branding with storytelling.Read More

Competitors Turning into Allies: Brand Collaborations Storytelling

Especially in times of crisis, companies are increasingly joining forces to form brand collaborations in order to stand up for a common cause.Read More

The magic of storytelling in e-commerce: Once upon a time… there was a backpack

Storytelling turns e-commerce into a dating portal – the best customer relationships result from the most beautiful stories. Ideal conditions for daydreams to come true. Read More

Five secrets about copywriting I wish I’d known sooner

PR and Content Marketing would be nothing without the power of words. That’s reason enough to take a closer look at copywriting.Read More

From Dreamer to strategist: How I reinvented myself during the pandemic

Stories have always given me courage and strength, orientation and advice. But art, Netflix and gaming had hardly any stories in store at the time that could be meaningfully applied to the pandemic.Read More