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Whether it's sustainably woven carpets, homemade cosmetics or innovative online store concepts – we use captivating storytelling to establish a strong image for your brands in the health and lifestyle sector. We combine refreshing PR with brand marketing and reliably bring your company into the target group's home.

Success Stories

Communications – PR & Social Media for Lifestyle & Health Companies

Our cases offer you a first insight into successful PR and social media campaigns that have helped companies in the lifestyle and health sectors to expand their reach, build trust, and reach their target groups effectively.

PR, Social Media & Influencer Relations


With stories, reels, and posts in picture and video form about the CBD products, which consolidate HempMate's expert status, we won over relevant key media, influencers and the constantly growing community on social media. Through PR work, we achieved over 80 publications in relevant lifestyle media from 2019 to 2022, including product recommendations in Cosmopolitan, Jolie, GRAZIA, Shape, Couch, Brigitte Schweiz, DONNA, and Ein Herz für Tiere, among others.
PR, Social Media & Influencer Relations


The aim of our work with the client was to actively promote brand loyalty and to focus on rebranding from a pure product manufacturer to a holistic health lifestyle provider. Within a year, we achieved over 90 publications in relevant general interest and lifestyle media, including product news and recommendations as well as advice reports on, msn, t-online, and FOCUS Online, among others. On social media, we shaped the look of the brand with our own image and video material, authentic influencer relations and a constant stream of new content formats.
PR, Social Media & Influencer Relations


Our PR work raised awareness of the benefits of essential oils. Within a year, we achieved over 70 publications in relevant lifestyle and health media, including product tests, guest articles, and advice on aromatherapy in print and online, including freundin, Shape,, and Jolie. We used our own images and a wide range of content formats to create a varied social media feed that is color-coded to match the products. Influencer collaborations and testimonials from satisfied customers rounded off the Instagram and Facebook presence and encouraged interaction with the community.
Public Relations


For the launch of the Medela Swing Flex™ in 2019, our PR goal was to destigmatize pumping and support breastfeeding mothers in their flexible everyday lives. Here it was important that we not only focus on product messages or descriptions but also position Medela as an expert on the topics of pumping, breastfeeding, breast milk, etc. We were able to achieve a total of 86 clippings. Articles have appeared in Brigitte Mom, Müttermagazin, Junge Familie, Wir Eltern, Wunderweib, 1st Steps,,, and, among others.
Public Relations & Event

The Vegetarian Butcher

With invitations to the opening of the concept store, tastings, and classic PR and social media work, our communication measures were aimed in particular at flexitarians. From image creation and our own video shoot to image editing and copywriting, we provided varied content on Facebook, Instagram and the "Veg to the Roots" blog of the vegetarian butcher. Over 200 media outlets reported on the opening event of the Vegetarian Butcher's first concept store.

Campfire – Employer Branding for Lifestyle & Health Companies

After 28 years as a traditional company in the region, Wriezener Backstube reached a milestone that was both emotional and associated with many changes: the company succession. As a means of communication for the plausibility story and for advance information to all employees, we developed a brochure together with the old and new management, which connects the past, present and future of the company and gives the employees confidence in the new owner.
Broschüre zur Unternehmensnachfolge