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Storytelling- und PR-Agentur Berlin; Illustration einer Stadt

PR agency Berlin: Mashup Communications

Because every brand deserves a story

"We love telling new stories" – this was the philosophy behind the founding of the Berlin-based PR and brand storytelling agency Mashup Communications in 2009.

Our experience in recent years has shown us that digital companies and traditional SMEs in particular are at a completely different stage of storytelling than established corporations, for example. While some already speak the language of stories and need support for outreach, especially with the help of a PR agency or a social media agency, others are looking for new ways of communicating in employer branding, especially to become more attractive to talent. This is exactly where our concept comes in: As a PR agency, a social media agency and an employer branding agency, we want to help our clients to address their target groups effectively and retain them in the long term with customized solutions. It's not just about telling a good story – it's also about making sure it is heard.

Mashup Communications – your top agency in Berlin for PR, employer branding, and workshops: With the three pillars "Communications" (Public Relations & Social Media), "Campfire" (Employer Branding), and "Campus" (Storytelling Workshops), we have the right offer for every need.


PR agency and social media editorial team

The "Communications" pillar offers classic PR strategies as well as content marketing concepts and social media editing – from storytelling to social media campaigns. Our team works closely with you to develop individual communication solutions.

Employer branding agency

With "Campfire", Mashup Communications has placed a focus on employer branding: This is where employer brands are designed or optimized – after all, (potential) employees need to be convinced and retained just as much as customers.

Storytelling Workshops

And last but not least, our "Campus" ensures that knowledge is shared: In workshops and webinars on all aspects of brand storytelling, companies receive practical tips and tricks tailored to their industry

Corporate Campfires: Unique access to your company's stories

Storylistening is our method, which we pass on internally and externally. For medium-sized companies in particular, for whom storytelling as a method is sometimes still somewhat abstract, our "corporate campfires" give us unique access to the messages that are really important to them and that also resonate with the audience. Because only if the story is authentic and credible will it be heard and passed on. Our team consists of experienced PR professionals, social media specialists and storytelling experts with different backgrounds – from journalism to psychology. We rely on close collaboration in all phases of the project: from conception to implementation and success monitoring.

PR agency, social media agency and employer branding agency from a single source: success stories from eight focus industries brought to life


We have successfully supported numerous clients from a wide range of industries and brought their brand stories to life. Take a look at our eight focus industries: