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Publishers are going digital. Mobile apps offer ever better targeting. Companies advertise online with their customer reviews or address their customers directly via e-mail campaigns. Communication between consumers and brands is becoming more complex than ever. With the combination of PR, content marketing and social media, we keep an eye on every development in the media industry and all areas of digital marketing.

Clients we’ve worked with

Communications – PR and Social Media for Media & Marketing Brands

Our cases offer you a first insight into successful PR and social media campaigns that have helped companies from the world of media and marketing to expand their reach, build trust, and reach their target groups effectively.

Public Relations

The data and rankings collected by on gaming, travel, social media, and other topics are exciting for both tech and general interest media. Since 2018, we have achieved over 4,000 publications in print and online media. In addition to tech media such as LEAD digital, t3n, Heise, and Golem, articles have also appeared in general interest and lifestyle media. These include BILD, Welt, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and Focus, as well as Cosmopolitan and Vogue.
Public Relations


Our mission was to position kicker around the 100th anniversary in the B2B sector and to expand communication. In January 2020, we started the operational press work and together we achieved over 220 clippings by the end of the project in February 2022. These included press releases and specialist articles published by W&V, Horizont, Deutsche Startups, Gründerszene, Startup Valley News, Markenartikel, New Business, Tagesspiegel, DNV – Der neue Vertrieb, Turi2 and MEEDIA, among others.

media impact

In 2022, we set up a content and corporate influencer strategy for LinkedIn for the marketer of the Axel Springer brands. On the one hand, the aim was to bring structure and creativity to the company page and coordinate the editorial process. On the other hand, more experts were to be included in the LinkedIn strategy, so we also advised some of them in personal branding.
Public Relations


For several years, Tickaroo stood for live sports coverage in the amateur sector. After refocusing on the B2B sector, it is now our task to make the company known among large media and publishing houses as well as event organizers. "The impact on the brand and visibility among our partners and in our industries has increased noticeably. PR is an important part of our positive development." – Naomi Owusu, CEO of Tickaroo
Public Relations


As a network of German SMEs, SELLWERK offers simple and affordable digital solutions and ensures that SMEs are future-oriented and networked nationwide. Our aim is to position SELLWERK as an expert for the German economy and as THE platform for the SME network with informative advice reports, guest articles, customer cases, and strong experts. Since operations began in May 2023, we have achieved over 50 publications in both general interest and specialist media.

Campfire – Employer Branding for Media & Marketing Brands

Triple A Internetshops GmbH is one of the greats in the e-commerce business and as such offers only top-rated online stores.

“Mashup Communications helped us figure out our company values and bring them to life. In the process, employees were involved and heard and were very enthusiastic. Moreover, not only definitions of our values emerged, but also stories of our employees for the new website.

The collaboration was very efficient, constructive, and flexible. Especially the creativity and detailed explanations helped a lot.”

Young team working for a digital company in a business meeting