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Tickaroo is a personal live ticker app for local sports events of all kinds.

With Tickaroo fans and club members get the chance to become hobby reporters and send out live updates right from the sidelines of the game. People that can’t make it to the match can follow the updates in real time on their smartphone or computer. Moreover all scores and information from the Tickaroo network can directly be shared on other social media platforms, thus building a whole new fanbase. For publishers Tickeroo delivers relevant, local real-time information on current sports events that can be embedded within mobile or static websites. The Tickaroo GmbH was founded in 2011in Donaustauf, near Regensburg. The founders are Naomi Owusu, Andreas Gerauer and Dr. Peter Dendl.


The main PR goal is to make Tickaroo known by all relevant journalists. To achieve this, our first step is to introduce Tickaroo as a professional live ticker app for sports clubs, organizations and hobby reporters for minor leagues, presenting the app founded by sports marketing and app developing experts as an interesting solution for publishers and cooperation partners and position it in the field of digital strategies at relevant business and founder media. In the second step we address consumer magazines as well as daily media with fitting PR topics and introduce Tickeroo as the first personal live ticker app for local sports events of all kinds as well as an expert for sport marketing issues for B2B press.

Time Frame

June 2013 until November 2014


The first goal was to introduce Tickaroo to the founders and business media focusing on the key aspects Media and Mobile. Moreover Tickaroo should be presented to a broad national and regional audience. Both goals were achieve with help of a launch release, that resulted in numerous app introductions and interviews in both business and consumer press. Other topics such as the cooperation with Kicker or other light sports subjects were also successfully picked up by the key media. Furthermore we position Tickaroo in terms of guest articles and interviews to relevant topics.


More than 85 publications, including more than 65 app introductions and consumer topics in national and regional daily press as well as consumer media (print and online) like Focus Online, sueddeutsche.de, Bild.de, Shape.de, FitforFun, Frankfurter Neue Presse, B.Z., Stuttgarter Nachrichten or Ostseeanzeiger. About 15 publications in business media (print and online) such as Gründerszene, turi2, Deutsche Startups, mobilbranche.de, netzwertig, kress, lead digital, medienmilch or new business, including interviews, startup introductions, guest articles and company news.

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