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Spread the Love: Employer Branding with Storytelling

What are the factors that make an applicant want to work? Nora Feist highlights three examples of good employer branding with storytelling.Read More

How to become a Speech Pro in ten GIFs:

Your lecture should be attached in minds and and capture your audiende. We have some tips for a successful presentation.Read More

3 Ways in which We Cultivate our Corporate Culture with Storytelling

We use a few examples from our everyday agency life to show what contribution storytelling can make to corporate culture.Read More

Storytelling in Annual Reports

Annual reports are much about facts and figures, but can be made more entertaining with storytelling.Read More

Visual Storytelling for Beginners

Visual storytelling is not only for artistically inclined virtuosos. With just a few tricks, everyone can accompany their texts, presentations and meetings with the appropriate pictures.Read More

Values, Vision and Motivation: Storytelling for Executives

Advice, feedback and strategy have a greater impact on employees through storytelling for executives.Read More

Stone by Stone: LEGOs Hero’s Journey to the Storytelling Olympus

As classic advertising failed, LEGO took on the storytelling approach and thus made its comeback.Read More

3 TED Talk Role Models for Successful Storytelling in Speeches

Thanks to the TED talks and successful storytelling in speeches, topics such as science, art and business are more exciting than ever.Read More

Essential Soft Skills for Future CEOs

What can we learn from entrepreneurs like Jobs, Gates or Branson and what soft skills do future candidates need to have on the CEO’s chair?Read More

Storytelling Close-up: How Microsoft Opened a New Chapter

He is the one who usually asks questions and writes stories. But today he sits on the other side: Steve Wiens is the managing editor of Microsoft Story Labs.Read More

World Storytelling Day – Our Favorite Storytellers

For the World Storytelling Day we share our personal memories of the greatest storytellers of our time.Read More

Crisis Communication: 9 lessons between cold water and hot telephone lines

What to do in case of fire? Good preparation is everything in crisis communication. Our experience report shows what can happen.Read More

Trump and the dark side of storytelling

What do Donald J. Trump and the dark side of storytelling have in common? We took a closer look at his rhetoric.Read More

The Big Picture: Storytelling with Data

Numbers and statistics can also tell stories. For storytelling to succeed with data, there are some principles to consider.Read More

Digital Sightseeing – Best of Storytelling in Tourism

Storytelling in tourism – three best cases which are more story than campaign.Read More