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Yes He Can: Barack Obama’s Storytelling

US President and successful storyteller – We are inspired by Barack Obama’s stories and have compiled our favorite moments.Read More

Darth Vader’s guide – How crowdfunding would have made the death star successful

Darth Vaders guide to bring the crowd over to the dark side of the Force – How crowdinvesting would have brought the death star to success.Read More

5 Reasons why every digital company should have a library

At Mashup Communications, we are digital natives, Internet-savvy, and always up to date, but at the same time still cherishing an analogue library.Read More

Code of conduct with your client: Facebook, e-mail, Skype

At some point during your work in PR it is going to happen: a friend request from your client through social networks. What is the best way to react?Read More

„We are the hottest!“ – How to give founders the reality check

„We are the hottest!“ – How to knock founders off their perch with expectation managementRead More

Storytelling for Businesses: To Be or Not to Be – Who is the hero?

Many businesses still rely on stressing their strengths when it comes to marketing. As an alternative the powerful tool of Storytelling may be used.Read More