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Corporate credit cards, employer benefit services, freelancer placement or payment providers, many business models today are no longer aimed at consumers but at other companies as customers. But how can they be made aware of these services? PR is an often underestimated component of corporate communications. For example, reports and guest articles in suitable vertical media carry expert knowledge from the company to potential customers. Trade show appearances and panel discussions also offer an effective way to profile founders, CEOs or managers as experts in their field. Brand-building storytelling is also extremely useful here in linking the services to the company behind them and bringing potential customers closer to the services. In this way, the brand becomes a mentor in its own industry and supports its customers, for example, as accounting experts or consultants for employee development, also on its own content and social media channels.


Billomat is a web-based accounting program that allows customers to quickly and securely handle their accounts from anywhere.


Logo Freelancermap

As a pioneer of digital job placement, freelancermap specializes in clients and highly qualified freelancers in the IT and engineering industry.

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Creditsafe is the world’s most used provider of online business credit reports

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ProvenExpert enables service providers to get feedback from their customers and present their entire customer reviews from all portals in one review seal.


LeasingMarkt is the largest German online marketplace for car leasing.



The corporate wellbeing solution Gympass helps companies think holistically about employee health and make it accessible to everyone.



resmio’s digital management solution empowers restaurateurs and helps them run a successful and unique restaurant.



Moss is a technology-driven financial management platform for holistic spend management.

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blauarbeit is a platform that helps you to find the right craftsman or service provider for all tasks of daily life for free.


tyme group

Tyme Group provides digital video consulting marketplaces for over 20 industries.

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ebuero is the virtual secretariat for entrepreneurs and the self-employed.

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More humanity in shift work – that is the vision that the Danish company Planday has been pursuing since it was founded in 2005.

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Spacebase helps to find and book inspiring spaces



Kollex is the leading ordering platform for gastronomy and wholesale.

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 With the softgarden applicant management system, HR departments handle their recruiting processes in a professional and applicant-friendly manner.



Tillhub is the mobile checkout solution for retailers and service providers.

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