Case: Bring!

The mobile app Bring! is a combination of productivity and shopping list which makes it much easier for families and flat shares to organize grocery shopping.

Bring - Case: Bring!
bring - Case: Bring!


Public Relations

November 2016 until February 2019


With lifestyle, family and advice topics, the goal of the PR work was to primarily reach the general interest media in order to educate relevant target groups about the advantages of the digital shopping list. In addition, the task was to position the makers of Bring! as experts in the field of consumer tech through background discussions and trend forecasts, and thus also to draw attention to the Swiss startup in B2B media.


The everyday nature of the problem means that the target group is very broad. Whether families, couples, shared flats or office communities, they all have to deal with shopping planning on a regular basis. In addition, the topic of productivity and shopping apps has so far been reported predominantly in trade media. In the general interest media, digital topics like this have played a smaller role so far. This is where we came in with topic and advice PR.


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We were able to achieve over 530 publications in both B2C and B2B media. For example, articles appeared in Spiegel Online,, Woche der Frau, Freizeit Revue and two guest articles on Focus Online. In the B2B sector, we achieved clippings on, lead-digital, Deutsche Startups, Lebensmittel Zeitung Direkt, Malerblatt and on, among others.