Case: Bring!

The mobile app Bring! is a combination of productivity and shopping list which makes it much easier for families and flat shares to organize grocery shopping.



Public Relations

Since November 2016


Our goal is to reach general interest media with lifestyle, family and service topics. We also want to inform relevant target groups about the advantages of the smart shopping list Bring!. Additionally, we organized interviews and trend statements to position the Bring!-team as experts for consumer tech topics.


Families, couples, flat shares or offices – everyone has to plan their grocery shopping. This means that the target audience of Bring! is very diverse. However, mainly special-interest media have been interested in shopping and productivity apps until now, general-interest media have rarely reported about digital topics like this so far.

Our strategical PR work started in November 2016. Since then we have generated more than 350 clippings in B2C and B2B publications. Articles have been published for instance on Spiegel Online, Focus Online, in COUCH magazine and on For B2B media, we have achieved publications on Deutsche Startups and on

Status as of October 2018