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What distinguishes the reading of the business figures at the Annual General Meeting from the famous Stanford speech of the deceased Apple founder Steve Jobs? Why are Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaigns used as a prime example of storytelling, but not the “Because I’m worth it” campaign by L’Oreal? Why can we skip an edition of the daily TV news, but can’t stop when we started a season of our favorite drama series on Netflix?

When we ask these questions at the beginning of a lecture, we usually look into expectant, sometimes sceptical faces. Everyone is looking for stories for their companies and want to know how they can best tell and spread these. But first, we take our audience into the world of Star Wars, Harry Potter and Co., and show what makes a great story through film heroes and classic storytelling formats.

Their own heroic journey and the mentor’s role of a company are important building blocks on the way to brand storytelling as well as the right dramaturgy of the content. Good stories attract our attention, arouse our interest and motivate us to take action.

At the end of the lecture, all the puzzle pieces will be joined together, and the audience will be able to answer the question of what it takes to turn facts into stories. The participants will already begin to think of their first stories and wil leave the lecture room ready to start.

Storytelling, Content Marketing, PR, Influencer Relations – The world of communication is changing rapidly. We share our insights and inspiration in these areas at conferences, symposia, panels, internal meetings, branch meetings and many other events.


  • PR and Brand Storytelling for companies
  • influencer marketing for companies
  • reputation management for personality branding
  • the power of stories: storytelling for a successful social media campaign
  • provide values, vision and desires – successful employer branding with storytelling
  • storytelling as a leadership tool




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