PR Workshop for Start-ups

Young companies are usually characterized by innovation – be it a fundamental novelty, a clever idea that no one else has come to, or the adaptation of a business model that is not yet known or widespread. However, the smartest innovation, the best business model or the most courageous vision are of no use if the target group does not know about it.

With an exciting start-up history, a company can convey seriousness, empathy and media interest through press work. But it is not just the history that is needed to position itself as a founder. Anyone who relies on PR at the early stage of an entrepreneurial career has the opportunity to establish himself as a source of knowledge for a new product type or service.

In this corporate seminar, we will teach participants how active media relations can help start-ups to get in touch with potential customers, investors and other stakeholders. We start with some theory. This initial part is brief but important because PR is often confused with marketing. After that, it is about how to start off in PR. What are the first steps? What do I have to look out for? And when is a topic really relevant? These and other fundamental questions are discussed together in a lively setting.


  • fundamentals of PR core tasks, delimitation to marketing
  • approach target groups
  • find press angles
  • identify the right target media
  • formulate core messages
  • image material (what is good image material, what should be considered)
  • the online press room
  • the press kit: company profile and footer
  • the first editorial plan
  • the first press release
  • journalist pitch / deal with journalists


In our seminars, input lectures alternate with active group work and structured discussions. In this way, we ensure that the day remains interesting and varied for all participants, and that everyone can address their personal PR needs.


  • customized company seminar exactly as required
  • flexible appointment and location selection
  • on request with catering
  • individually coordinated training concept
  • individual, detailed feedback for each participant
  • Hand-out for participants
  • participation certificates
  • If necessary, we can provide additional individual training for employees

We would be happy to make you an individual offer.


Nora Feist


seminar [at] mashup-berlin [dot] de


“We are always looking for experts who explain to our young start-up teams in a compact and practical manner, what public relations needs and what do’s and don’ts are relevant. Our new founders quickly understood what media-related messages are or how storytelling works; and to develop initial ideas for their own PR as part of the workshop.”

— Betina-Ulrike Thamm (Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft)