Similar to a good movie, the story of your brand can capture and delight your customers and employees from start to finish. Using the hero's journey model and many other tools, we teach how to enrich employer branding, brand communication, speeches, and presentations with the power of storytelling.

We love to tell new stories.

Let us find your stories together.

Einführung ins Brand Storytelling

Introduction to Brand Storytelling

True to our motto “Everyone has a story to tell” we equip you in our storytelling workshop with the help of sound theoretical principles, practical examples and exercises with the necessary tools to find your personal story and bring it to your target audience.

Storytelling for Employer Branding

Authentic employee stories give your company a face; are more versatile and emotional. With our workshop we make sure that your team identifies even more with your values and that you are perceived as the caring employer you are.

Employer Branding mit Storytelling
Data Storytelling

Data Storytelling

When it comes to the question of how data evaluation and visualization are integrated into storytelling, it is not a question of completely calling into question learned patterns such as bar, circle or line charts. The goal is rather to ensure that content is understood and emotionally internalized by the audience.

Digital Corporate Campfire: Team Building with Storytelling in Times of Corona

It is becoming increasingly difficult for managers to keep their team together at a distance. Storytelling can be integrated on a daily basis at many levels of management and collaboration, including digitally and via video call.

Digitales Corporate Campfire
Storytelling Führungskräfte

Values, Vision, Motivation: Storytelling for Leaders

Storytelling can be integrated on a daily basis at many levels of management and collaboration. Leadership stories help to communicate the vision, values and corporate culture in such a way that they are truly internalized and carried forward.

Media Training and Presentation

One of the most important ingredients for a good speech is storytelling. With the right tips and a little fine-tuning, anyone can shine in the spotlight and captivate their audience. In our workshop we help you to define your own speaker personality and bring it to life through stories.

Medientraining Präsentationen
Corporate Campfires Teambuilding Storytelling

Corporate Campfires: Team Building with Storytelling

Stories about extraordinary successes of individual employees or insights gained from their own failures make for successful leadership moments. Together we want to manifest the values of your company and give your team and its exciting stories a stage.

Storytelling Webinars

We also offer our storytelling seminars as digital webinars. Here you will receive theoretical basics as well as practical examples and digital exercises with which you can tell exciting stories to your target group. You can look forward to informative, illustrative knowledge paired with entertaining moderation.

Storytelling Webinare
Social Media Storytelling

Social Media Storytelling

Fans are more likely to engage with a brand’s messages on social media if they can identify with its stories. In this workshop, we will show you how to integrate compelling and emotional stories into your social media channels and thus captivate your audience even more.

PR Workshop for Startups

Those who rely on PR at an early stage have the chance to establish themselves as reference providers for a new type of product or service. We will show you how to use active press work to get your start-up talking to the right media and attract the attention of your target group.

PR Startups
Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Workshop

Despite the comparable on-line range, addressing and co-operating with influencers follow completely different rules than the classical press work. We provide you with the right tools to communicate with brand ambassadors at eye level and to roll out successful campaigns together.


Storytelling, Content Marketing, PR, Influencer Relations – the world of communication is changing rapidly, but we always have our finger on the pulse. We share our insights in these areas at conferences, panels, conventions, industry meetings and many other events. Our workshop team is looking forward to your inquiries!

Storytelling Interne Kommunikation

Workshop Internal Communication with Storytelling

With our storytelling methods, we want to help you integrate your core values into everyday business life on the one hand, and retain your existing employees and be desirable for future talent on the other.


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