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Summer Flirt or True Love – Influencer Relations Put to the Test
Communications – PR, Social Media, Content Tools 29 June 2017

Summer Flirt or True Love – Influencer Relations Put to the Test

A quickie, speed dating or really getting to know each other after all – influencer relations have quite a lot in common with dating life in the concrete jungle. Company seeks influencer, influencer seeks company, with both hoping for the perfect match. The wish list is already set as well: Big reach, prominence and a lot of clicks, links and social media channels. Appearance and money are of importance, but if one is looking for a fully committed relationship, inner values are what truly matters in the end.

Short affaire or long-term relationship – what do I actually want?

Of course, with influencer cooperation there too exists the longing for a quickie: In real tinder-like fashion, the search for a match is superficial with few filters. Companies become just one of many – simply an insignificant number, which can queue in with the others. That too has its justification cooperation-wise: Short and intense, fun and no big commitments.

However, if one is looking for the right partner, it’s important to get to know each other first. Just one or two dates are not sufficient for that. What does the other one like? Which values does he or she have? How are his or her friends? How does he or she live? And just as not every woman likes red roses, companies have to take a closer look at what the Influencer likes and what he represents in order to find a personal level to address him or her. Since we are already on the topic of flowers: One bouquet a year won’t be enough to maintain a long and happy relationship.

Is the perfect influencer selection as difficult as finding your lifetime partner? I don’t know – however, in both cases it depends on expectation management.

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Signs for a quickie or a serious relationship

Short affairs or flirts, which are nice for the moment, but just as quickly forgotten, usually occur if

  • The influencer introduces the tenth tea-brand as THE BEST
  • The influencer only shortly mentiones a brand or product and then never again
  • Or the product/ brand does not even remotely fit to the influencer

Long-term relationships on the other hand arise and flourish especially if

  • The brand and influencer have the same or similar interests
  • The influencer identifies with the brand or product and enjoys using it
  • Both respect and appreciate each other

True love – influencer cooperation blossoms into its own product

What is the icing on the cake of a working long-term relationship? The ultimate love, that creates “offspring”. Thus, if the Influencer develops their own product with a brand, the cooperation gains maximum credibility.

Currently one of the biggest German influencers Caroline Daur developed her own lipstick with MAC Cosmetics. Caro Daur did not just take her fans behind the scenes of the process but also created her own color based on her favorite spice cinnamon. No wonder that the limited edition sold out quickly.

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Farina Opoku aka NovaLanaLove co-designed her own collection for the apparel label „Na-kd“.

The cooperation of the brand „dm“ and „Bibis Beauty Palace“ created a popular baby called „bilou“. The shower foam was a bestseller online as well as in the drugstore itself.

BibisBeautyPalace bilou Kooperation - Summer Flirt or True Love – Influencer Relations Put to the Test

This is not the ultimate relationship guide, nor am I a certified counselor. But what I have learned so far about good and foremost lasting relationships: They need a lot of care – if it’s at home or with influencers.

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