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Successful Cooperation: Do’s and Dont’s for Influencers
Communications – PR, Social Media, Content Tools 13 July 2017

Successful Cooperation: Do’s and Dont’s for Influencers

Living from blogging has become the dream for many and did even replace it with being an actor, popstar or a doctor. What most professional bloggers know from their own experience is that living as an influencer does not only consist of vacations on dream beaches, fancy events or unboxing videos. Especially Newbies in that sector trip over some dubious offers from companies or could use some advice here and there, so nothing gets in the way to their dream cooperation.

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Mail Contact- Communication instead of Complications

One of the main points of criticism from companies regarding their communication with influencer is that they rarely respond. And of course, not only influencers like Caro Daurs are getting quite a few mails with requests, including some really annoying ones. In those situations, it is useful to have pre-written reply-mail for different scenarios (confirmation, rejection, request for more info). This not only saves time but also improves the perception with the potential clients.

Know the Law- Legal Frameworks

Fact is: advertisement needs to be labeled as such- even for the influencer marketing, or commercial communications. The label “sponsored by” is legally not sufficient and in some cases one can be warned for it.

A Good Impression- Correct Grammar

There is not much that lets the first visual impression appear unprofessional and dubious than the incorrect spelling of the contact person or the company. A correct grammar is the business card for every influencer. Many bloggers are getting annoyed if they are not called by their actual name or when receiving a mass mail. Writing the correct company’s name just as writing without any errors, help to let it appear more serious.

Current Mediakit – Numbers and Facts

To offer a good overview about the own market value, a clearly structured and content accurate Mediakit is a must. Besides the coverage (such as visits and impressions), social media channels that are being used, main topics influencer focuses on, and the target group that is being addressed should be listed. As well as past and current cooperation can be stored here.

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Authenticity– represent own values

Blogger should be aware of what is important to them and which target group they want to reach in order to appear authentic and reliable. Maik Zehrfeld from “for me, it is important to write my own contents, that fits me as a person as well as my page to stand out from all those that share the same thing.”

Sophisticated Content – Quality over Quantity

Because blogs and most of social-media-platforms are visual channels, good photos are essential. Patricia Kaiser illustrates as a professional photographer her blog The Kaisers together with her husband: ”We value our own ideas, authentic texts and high-quality photos.” Not only does the visual content play a large role but also the actual content. Readers feel if posts only resulted in order to get more content on the page.

Value for money –  a transparent and realistic price structure

A good blog post needs a lot of time. Oftentimes companies don’t realize how time-consuming the work of influencers can be. Nevertheless, should bloggers keep in mind that their prices need to be located within a realistic framework. Therefore, the price should be customized according to the coverage as well as the engagement towards their followers.

Let me introduce myself – capture preferences on the blog

Many questions can be resolved through the “About me“- page. This doesn’t mean that there should be a detailed CV but more like a brief presentation of you. It is a great opportunity for companies to receive a first impression about personal preferences. It also helps to recognize if a cooperation suites or not.


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